27. Feb 2019

Great potential for future optimization in Hospital Logistics

Hospital Logistics has largely been neglected for several years, and this could affect efficiency and costs in the health sector adversely. But with billions being invested in new hospitals there is a great potential for opportunities and future optimization within this field.

Claus Fabricius
Claus Fabricius
M.Sc.Eng., GDBA, LL.M.
Adults and children sitting on blanket on the ground
07. Nov 2018

One year post #Metoo … where are we now?

Just over one year ago, sexual harassment and assault burst onto the global stage as the #Metoo movement went viral around the world. Our technical Director of Gender Equality and Human Rights wonders what we’ve actually learned.

Catharina Schmitz
Catharina Schmitz
Man working on a laptop
14. Jun 2018

On the threshold of Industry 4.0 – the intelligent industry of the future

When you are planning to build a new production plant, change your production or solve production challenges which you cannot directly “calculate yourself out of”, a simulation can test several scenarios and provide you with the best solution.

Artboard 1
Chalk factory outside of Løgtør, Denmark
27. Nov 2017

The climate is calling Danish companies: Remember the entire value chain

Danish companies must become much better at recognizing the climate impact of suppliers in other countries. Merely focusing on activities within the company’s borders is far from accurate - and only a few are taking the possible measures to create an overview of the entire value chain.

Rune Jørgensen
Rune Jørgensen
Boat sailing in front of wind mills
14. Jul 2017

The green wave carries on

The private sector’s appetite for renewables is formidable. The green wave is becoming increasingly driven by corporate demand.

Tim Norman
Tim Norman
Managing Director
Man standing next to a coffe bean plant
13. Jul 2017

Our cup of coffee (and more) is at risk

Only beaten by oil, coffee is the most commonly traded commodity worldwide. Coffee is big business produced by smallholders and threatened by climate change.

Artboard 1
Two tall pipes seen from below
04. Jul 2017

Softening is a challenging paradigm shift for Danish utility providers

There are no good standard solutions in the change, which several utility providers are about to make. We can look to an extent at foreign experience of water softening, but a holistic response is to be found in customised solutions for each particular waterworks.

Camilla Tang
Camilla Tang
Project Employee