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Data Analytics

NIRAS’ Data Analytics specialists create value for our port clients based on our industry leading knowledge of machine learning, data lakes, linked data, and Business Intelligence (BI), as well as ground breaking new digital technologies. We work with data in any format and provide optimisations such as automatic routines to extract data from existing systems.

Data Analytics and the term “Big Data” can seem overwhelming and only relate to highly detailed and expensive analysis. However, data solutions do not have to be overly complicated and packed with buzzwords. At NIRAS we are expert users and developers of machine learning, data lakes, linked data, BI, and all the ground breaking digital technologies. Our aim is always to provide the best possible solutions for our clients, whether they are highly complex or just a further development of a good Excel solution.

We can create value from all kinds of data

The everyday operation of most ports is increasingly dependent on the use of data. The data can be generated, stored and displayed in many shapes and formats. It might be an Excel sheet on a network drive, third party software, sensors, PDFs, databases, homepages. or even a simple paper based system or just hand written documents. We are happy to work with data in any format and provide optimisations, potentially including automatic routines to extract data from existing systems and reconnect them again.

Collaborative Development

We prefer to develop solutions within our client’s context. All our solutions are developed in close cooperation with both our clients and our in-house port operation experts. Wherever possible we strive to not introduce new systems, but extract data from existing systems as they look today.

This secures the best possible fit to our client’s needs and requirements as well as minimising disruption to ongoing operations.

Data analytics services:

  • Extract,Transform and Load (ETL)
  • Automated report generation
  • Power BI dashboards
  • Advanced Excel solutions
  • Machine Learning
  • Advice on data outcomes
  • Client Centric Empowerment
  • Explore your data on a map

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Andrew Walker


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Adam Sharp


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