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Global benchmarking of the Beer & Beverage industry

NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club (NBBC) is the most advanced and extensive tool of its kind in the global beer and beverage industry.

FREE tool for benchmarking within the global beer and beverage industry

Join the club of hundreds of breweries of all sizes from around the world

  • Compare your KPIs with industry data

  • Get a framework for reducing consumption of energy and water

  • Get selected insights from our data analysis

Measuring performance against competitors

The benchmark club aims to improve the beer industry by increasing the collective effort of generating knowledge and value for the entire sector.

The benchmark makes it possible for you to measure your own performance against your competitors.

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Your data is safe with us

All data is treated anonymously and it is therefore not possible to trace data back to a specific brewery. 

Our experts will as always validate the initial data submission and continuously monitor the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club to avoid erroneous data. This will ensure that the benchmark always provides correct information.


How to get started

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  3. You will learn how to get access to your benchmark against hundreds of breweries

Join the club of hundreds of breweries

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Packaging and production KPIs

NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club provides a comprehensive overview of the global beer and beverage industry encompassed by the evaluation of the following KPIs and analysis of their correlations, covering packaging and production:

World KPI packaging OEE

  • Glass bottling RB
  • Glass bottling NRB
  • Canning
  • Kegging
  • PET

World KPI production

  • Water consumption
  • Electricity consumption
  • Heat consumption
  • Extract loss
  • Productivity
  • Brewery utilisation

Questions? Please reach out...

Jonas B. Borrit

Jonas B. Borrit

Vice President

Allerød, Denmark

+45 2938 2476

Jacob Friis

Jacob Friis

Senior Consultant, Energy and Utilities

Allerød, Denmark

+45 2761 8899