Väsjö - a new town north of Stockholm

Vaesjoe Project

This is what the Väsjö Project will look like in the future, when the 4,400 residences have been built. (Digital image: Sollentuna kommun / Dinell Johannsson)

Väsjo is a new town development north of Stockholm with 4,400 residences for 10,000 people. NIRAS is responsible for designing all water, sewage and stormwater mains, which implies making 3D design of 15 kilometres of pipes.

December 18, 2019
  • SDG: #9, #11, #6
  • SECTORS: Infrastructure, Water
  • COUNTRIES: Sweden
  • DURATION: 2018-2032

Väsjö is a town development project in the Municipality of Sollentuna some 20 kilometres north of Stockholm. The project is divided into a series of standalone detailed plans that combined will include 4,400 dwellings for  some 10,000 inhabitants.

The intention is to create a combination of a small town with natural surroundings,  including a centrally located lake and a ski slope, that  provide abundant opportunities for leisure, outdoor life and sports.

Water, sewage and management of stormwater.

NIRAS is jointly responsible for the technical supply of water and sewage as well as the management of stormwater.

“NIRAS projects parts of the main feed into the development area, which is designed to accommodate large pipe dimensions on a too narrow surface with many advanced pipe crossings,” says Magnus Prahl, who is water building team manager for NIRAS in Sweden.

NIRAS is also responsible for all 3D modeling of the water, wastewater and stormwater pipelines and have so far projected about 15 kilometres of 3D piping.

3D modelling of 15 km piping

Challenges from topography and soil conditions

According to Magnus Prahl the NIRAS team has encountered a series of different challenges that they need to overcome. These challenges are both man made as well as stemming from the topography and soil conditions in the area.

“The main challenge we have encountered related to the water and sewage mains is basically that there is very little space left. There are a lot of internet connections, electric cables, direct heating and distribution network for water underground, so it is basically a mess. And we need to get our pipes  securely through this mess,” says Magnus Prahl laughing.

Another set of challenges consist of the soil itself.

“The area is characterised by a combination of rock and soft clay, also called bottomless clay. In addition, the groundwater level is high, which produces another set of challenges in addition to the cables. But we have a skilled team and we will find the right solutions,” says Magnus Prahl.

Good cooperation and future projects

NIRAS’ position in the project is  subcontractor to the Swedish civil engineering company Markstyrkan AB.

"We are really excited about the good collaboration with Markstyrkan AB on the Väsjön Project, where we are complementing each other's expertise and reaching a really good result,” says Magnus Prahl.

We are really excited about the good collaboration with Markstyrkan AB on the Väsjön Project, where we are complementing each other's expertise and reaching a really good result

Magnus Prahl, Consultant, NIRAS

He also sees the seamless cooperation with the Swedish civil engineering company as a point of departure for possible new joint ventures:

"The cooperation with Markstyrkan AB is natural and simple which in turn has led to a very good result and the basis for several future joint projects".


Facts about NIRAS and the Väsjö Project

NIRAS’ role in the Väsjö Project consists of two different sets of projects.

The first project is 3D modelling of 15 km  piping.

The second project consist of designing Water mains of 630 mm pipes, sewage pipes of 800-1000 mm and storm water pipes of 1200-1400 mm.

NIRAS has been working on the project for two years. The overall Väsjön Project is expected to be concluded by 2032.

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