Upgrade of inspection systems at the Danish fruit beverage producer Orana

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Orana - a Danish producer of high-end fruit juices and plant-based beverages - hired NIRAS to improve the inspection systems of its bottling lines. NIRAS undertook the whole design and tendering process which resulted in Orana getting an advanced inspection system while saving a substantial amount of money.

March 26, 2021
  • SECTORS: Food & Beverage
  • COUNTRIES: Denmark
  • CLIENT: Orana

Orana is placed on the island of Funen which is also known as the ‘orchard of Denmark’. The location – not least its epithet - seems fitting for a company that produces high-end fruit juices, smoothies and other plant based beverages.

Due to increased demand for quality fruit beverages, Orana experienced rapid growth in recent years. The company was confident that their products were on par with anything on the market, but they were beginning to face some challenges regarding their packaging due to the increased demand.

Consequently, Orana contracted NIRAS to analyse the options of upgrading the inspection system at the bottling lines.

Features of the new inspection systems

NIRAS’ experts came up with series of solutions that among other included new fill height and closure control and new label and date marking inspection.

The new inspection systems are in general based on X-ray and camera systems.

Likewise, the new inspection systems reduced the number of manual inspections and improved the quality of the products’ packaging, and provided Orana with the newest inspection technology.

NIRAS managed to negotiate a price that meant we could get equipment and services which were cheaper than if we were negotiating ourselves – even taking the cost to NIRAS into consideration.

Niels Østerberg - Orana Group Director

Apart from getting the right equipment at the right price, one of the major challenges was how to add the new equipment to the already confined space of the production lines.

NIRAS experts analysed Orana’s production facility and came up with a revised layout proposal of the plant that would allow both sufficient work space for the new inspection and rejects systems and adequate logistics to make sure that production would run smoothly and increase the productivity of the plant.

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NIRAS tendering saved Orana money

NIRAS’ experts assisted Orana during the tendering process, and thereby secured the company a price for the new equipment that was well below the initial offer.

Due to NIRAS’ experience in tendering processes and negotiations, Orana saved so much money on the project that it would effectively pay for all NIRAS’ consultancy.

“Sometimes smaller companies feel that it might be too costly to hire a big consultancy company like NIRAS, but the Orana case shows that it is actually often both the better and the cheaper solution, because we can negotiate better prices on equipment and secure that everything is included and done correctly from the beginning,” says Carsten Elkjær, who managed the project for NIRAS.

The tendering process ended up as a tense bidding competition between large European suppliers of equipment, but in the end Orana ended up with the best possible solution at a very good price.

“There is no doubt that we would not have been able to negotiate the equipment at such a favorable price by ourselves. NIRAS managed to negotiate a price that meant we could get equipment and services which were cheaper than if we were negotiating ourselves – even taking the cost to NIRAS into consideration,” says Orana Group Director, Niels Østerberg.


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About Orana

Orana was established in 1984 as an independent division of Rynkeby Foods for sales and development of Fruit Based Raw Materials for the industry. In 1999 it was established as an independent company.

The company has offices, production sites, or associated companies in Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Dubai, Egypt, Kenya, and Canada.

For Orana sustainability is a main priority and the company has thus embarked on a new ambitious project to produce its own ecofriendly bananas. Orana has acquired 165 acres in Kenya where the company will grow some 10.000 tons – or 50 million –  bananas per year.

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