Thise Dairy saves time, money and CO2 emissions with a new high-bay warehouse

Thise Dairy saves time, money and CO2 emissions with a new high-bay warehouse

Thise Dairy’s new high-bay warehouse was finished in 2019. It resides in the red building, partially hidden by trees and a raised earthwork.

For years, lorries have been driving packing materials back and forth between Thise Dairy’s remote warehouses and the production site. But that ends now: A new high-bay warehouse at the dairy’s headquarters will provide plenty of space for the packing needs of the dairy and pave the way for many years of increased production of Thise’s renowned products.

June 25, 2019
  • SDG: #7, #11, #12
  • SECTORS: Building, Food & Beverage
  • COUNTRIES: Denmark
  • CLIENT: Thise Dairy
  • DURATION: Summer 2017 – June 2019

Thise is a Danish dairy specialising in organic products. It has been behind many of the most beloved innovations on the dairy market in Denmark, including the internationally acclaimed North Sea Cheese and the introduction of the Icelandic protein-rich yoghurt-like product ”skyr”.

The popularity of these products and of organic dairy products in general means that Thise’s production has steadily increased, taking up more space at the main premises. Thise Dairy therefore started using remote storage of the packing materials – but this solution costs time, money and CO2 as materials are taken from storage to the dairy by lorries.

To address this as well as making room for further innovations and increased production, Thise Dairy has launched a huge project to build a new high-bay warehouse and enlarge other parts of the existing facilities at its main site.

Considerate of nature and neighbours

The construction will be carried out in several stages throughout the next couple of years. In summer 2017 NIRAS started working on the design of the warehouse. The initial assessments were done by process experts from NIRAS, who thoroughly analysed the logistics. The assessment included the different  types of packing material, necessary personnel and level of automation, fire safety, energy and time efficiency, among other things.

On the basis of these analyses NIRAS’ engineers and architects worked together to design the warehouse to be as logistically efficient, environmentally friendly and considerate of its immediate surroundings as possible.

Being a local dairy embedded in Thise town, it is paramount to Thise Dairy to show consideration towards both the environment and the neighbours. The new warehouse will be partly embedded in a raised mound surrounding the premises, keeping the warehouse from appearing too tall, and the paint on the chimneys will emulate a typical Danish sky to avoid sticking out too much.

A new biofuel boiler provides energy while emitting less CO2. A fully automated crane-system will store and retrieve packing materials. Furthermore, an efficient plan for placement means moving materials around as little as possible.

Better parking and facilities for visitors

Apart from the high-bay warehouse, NIRAS also advised Thise Dairy on the construction of more parking space, better facilities for its personnel and special area for visitors, allowing future visitors to get close to the production without risking the food safety or the quality of the products.

About Thise Dairy

  • Thise was founded by a small group of farmers in 1988
  • The group consisted of organic dairy farmers who wanted to market their milk as organic and believed that the consumers would want the option of buying guaranteed organic milk. After some rough years in the beginning they proved themselves right as Danes increasingly bought Thise’s organic milk
  • Thise has been a frontrunner in the introduction of organic dairy products in Denmark
  • Since its beginning, Thise has been a cooperative. Still to this day, Thise is owned collectively by 70 dairy farmers
  • Around 225 people are employed at Thise Dairy

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