visualization of the new Lalandia
The new Lalandia will be built to adapt to the surrounding dune landscape


The new Lalandia melts into the landscape in Søndervig

A new large Lalandia holiday centre will during the next few years arise in Søndervig by Ringkøbing, Denmark. The project utilises many of NIRAS’ specialists and offers exciting solutions in regards to both functionality and aesthetics.

The rough nature and the cold waters from the North Sea sharply juxtapose the coming waterpark Lalandia in Søndervig, which expects to entertain up to 500,000 guests annually in its huge aqua dome and the many fun amusement rides. Here the water will always be 28 degrees and the air 30 degrees.

The project will contain an entertainment centre as well as a large aqua dome with changing rooms. The building will measure 15,000 square meters in total. Like at Lalandia’s two existing holiday centres, the new complex will include appertaining holiday homes in a separate project, in which NIRAS assists the client with supervision and overall project management.

Getting the rugged nature of the Danish Westcoast to melt together with the cosy and family friendly atmosphere of Lalandia requires innovative solutions and specialists. The new Lalandia will be built to adapt to the surrounding dune landscape. It will consequently not look like the two existing waterparks we know from Billund and Rødby. Golden variants on the facade imitate the sand in the shadows. Green roofs with sedum illustrate the same the golden-green nuances as the lyme grass, and small building units on the large roofs symbolize the bunkers known from the western coastal landscape.

In known waters with a focus on indoor climate

NIRAS is in full swing with the design of all the engineering services and later awaits the construction management. Project manager Nikolaj Holst-Hvidtved is excited about the assignment. For him Lalandia is not only an exciting project because it is a brand known by everyone. It is also a great project, because it allows us in NIRAS to utilise many different services. Many more than on the average project.

Especially for Lalandia, the consultancy is about the pool- and water treatment technique. According to Nikolaj Holst-Hvidtved, everything becomes a little more special when the building and functions have to work in an environment with chlorine fumes. NIRAS has specialists who experience-wise know what to focus on in these types of buildings. And it is not the first time NIRAS consults Lalandia. The specialists have previously worked on different renovation and rebuilding projects for the existing Lalandia holiday centres in Rødby and Billund.

Creates space for fun and functionality

Landscape architect in NIRAS Aarhus, Freja Løgager Kynde, works with the entrance spaces for Lalandia in close collaboration with NIRAS Holstebro. Here inspiration has also been drawn from the surrounding nature by pulling the beautiful fjord and dune landscape up to the building and incorporating species from the area in the vegetation.

The design of the entrance area focuses on creating a welcoming arrival with connected trails and spaces for fun and relaxation. Soft hills will be placed around the foot of the building as well as paths and recreational areas. The landscape invites fun and play, and the hills provide cover and simultaneously hides the fences and supporting walls.

Freja Løgager Kynde is excited about the challenges on the new project. For FrejaIt is exciting to work with the naturalistic expression and vegetation on a location so different from the one which characterizes the rest of Denmark, and it is a challenge to make sure the functional requirements like parking and accessibility can go hand in hand with fun, relaxation, and the landscape.

Water-eager guests will however have to wait a little while longer before they can jump into the pools and play on the hills. Lalandia is scheduled to open for guests in 2022.