Generating sustainable rural income and restoring priority degraded forest areas

Planted Forest Grant Scheme (PFGS) project

NIRAS provides all the necessary technical support to scheme beneficiaries through five extensionists and nine specialists.

By promoting the growth of small and medium commercial tree plantations, the Planted Forest Grant Scheme hopes to energise Mozambique's forestry sector and enhance local livelihoods while mitigating climate change.

January 20, 2020
  • SDG: #1, #2, #5, #8, #10, #13, #15
  • SECTORS: Development Consulting
  • COUNTRIES: Mozambique

Part of the World Bank-funded Mozambique Forest Investment Project, the Planted Forest Grant Scheme (PFGS) is an initiative of the Government of Mozambique and managed by the National Fund for Sustainable Development (FNDS), an entity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. 

Implemented in nine districts of Zambézia Province, in central Mozambique - Mocuba, Mocubela, Mulevala, Alto Molocué, Ile, Gurué, Maganja da Costa, Gilé and Pebane - the scheme's main objective is to contribute to boosting the forest industry in a sustainable and inclusive manner by promoting small and medium scale commercial forest plantations and restoring degraded areas.

These objectives are in line with the strategic orientations of the World Bank to establish commercial forest plantations and restoration activities to contribute to the stability of forests in target districts and promote better management of forests and natural resources in general, while addressing the root causes of environmental degradation, problems of clear cutting of forests for permanent agriculture, and the lack of local awareness with regard to forest resource management.

PFGS strives to promote “best practices” of sustainable forestry management, while achieving income generating activities and other economic opportunities that use Mozambique’s existing resources to create a thriving forestry industry.

Planted Forest Grant Scheme (PFGS) project

The Impact Statement

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