NBBC: Global benchmarking of the Beer & Beverage industry

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NIRAS offers the most extensive benchmarking service of the global beer and beverage industry, which permits the members to freely explore data and make comparisons across regions and plant sizes. The tool is based on more than 35 years of experience and has a strong focus on flexibility and sustainability.

January 17, 2020
  • SDG: #6, #7, #8, #12
  • SECTORS: Food & Beverage
  • COUNTRIES: Denmark

NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club (NBBC) is the most advanced and extensive tool of its kind in the global beer and beverage industry.

Five years after NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club launched its performance evaluation tool, hundreds of breweries of all sizes from around the world have joined the initiative. All data is treated anonymously and it is therefore not possible to trace data back to a specific brewery.

"After the first five successful years of NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club, our experts are constantly working to make our benchmark tools more flexible and user friendly for our customers. To this end, we are launching a series of new features,” says Jacob Friis who is a brewing consultant in NIRAS and deeply involved in the development of the improved benchmark club.

NBBC Global benchmarking of the beer and beverage industry
Dashboard from NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club showing Production KPIs of brewing sector.

Measuring performance against competitors

The benchmark club aims to improve the beer industry by increasing the collective effort of generating knowledge and value for the entire sector. The benchmark makes it possible for companies to measure their own performance against their competitors.

According to Jacob Friis, the intention is that NIRAS will enable breweries around the world to improve their performance, not least in relations to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

NIRAS’ experts will therefore readily give advice and enter into constructive discussions on how to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

New flexible benchmark features

NIRAS is constantly working to improve the features of its benchmarking tools.  The NBBC will among other things introduce an online solution which is always available to the participants.

Already the NBBC tools have had a significant overhaul of the visualisation of data and benchmark results compared to the previous static reports. This includes the possibility to make comparisons across regions and plant sizes.

These new options will allow clients to carry out more specific and detailed benchmarking and thereby also gain more detailed knowledge that has an even higher degree of relevance to their own business.

The NBBC will include the following features in the near future:

  • Historic data view (to see development of your KPIs over time)
  • Brewing group accessibility
  • Improvement of data submission process
  • Suggested features from NBBC participants? Your feedback is important to us.

NIRAS professionals will as always validate the initial data submission and continuously monitor the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club to avoid erroneous data. This will ensure that the benchmark always provides correct information to its users.

Fact Box – What is NIRAS’ Brewing Benchmark Club?

NIRAS’ Brewing Benchmark Club offers a benchmark service to breweries worldwide. The benchmark is based on more than 35 years of experience and it provides our clients with a thorough performance evaluation of the global beer and beverage industry.

The global reach of the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club

NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club provides a comprehensive overview of the global beer and beverage industry encompassed by the evaluation of the following KPIs and analysis of their correlations, covering packaging and production:

World KPI packaging OEE

  • Glass bottling RB
  • Glass bottling NRB
  • Canning
  • Kegging
  • PET

World KPI production

  • Water consumption
  • Electricity consumption
  • Heat consumption
  • Extract loss
  • Productivity
  • Brewery utilisation

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