Masterplanning for large state-of-the-art dairy factory in South Korea

Seoul Dairy

Danish know-how ensures high quality products at the Seoul Dairy Cooperative’s new dairy production factory in South Korea with the implementation of a new masterplan.

A new masterplan will ensure that the production capacity of Seoul Dairy Cooperative will be prepared for future demands with the highest possible quality level of all products.

September 5, 2018
  • SDG: #2, #12
  • SECTORS: Food & Beverage
  • COUNTRIES: South Korea
  • DONOR: Seoul Dairy Cooperative
  • CLIENT: Seoul Dairy Cooperative

Seoul Dairy Cooperative is one of the major dairy product manufacturers in South Korea. In order to accommodate the increasing demand, the Seoul Dairy Cooperative has decided to secure and modernise their existing production facilities in Yang Ju.

The existing facilities were established more than 35 years ago and have till now produced milk products for the South Korean market. The planned expansion will enable the new plant to produce up to 5 million of 200 ml packs or bottles of milk a day.

Master planning of one of the world’s largest milk processing plants

Based on expert know-how of modern, hygienic and efficient dairy productions, NIRAS has delivered the master plan for the factory, which will become the best, state-of-the-art dairy production factory in South Korea.

The proposed factory layout and design principles will ensure an efficient plant with a streamlined flow and a high and uniform quality. In cooperation with Seoul Dairy Cooperative, NIRAS has made and controlled the mass balance to secure a lean production without any bottlenecks in the various production areas.

The new efficient production line will not only solve the capacity bottlenecks that might occur throughout the year, the master plan also includes modern automated production technologies for saving manpower and ensuring the highest possible quality level of the approx. 70 different dairy products which Seoul Dairy Cooperative produces.

Thanks to the expertise, advanced technology, and hard work of NIRAS, Seoul Dairy Cooperative’s latest large-scale production line was successfully reformed into the best, state-of-the-art production factory in Korea. 

Bo Kyeong Kim, General Manager, Seoul Dairy Cooperation

Top modern and sustainable production facility

For a dairy manufacturer like Seoul Dairy Cooperative it is of vital importance that reduction of energy, water, etc. is included in the master plan for a new facility; not only to reduce production costs, but also to protect the world resources.  

NIRAS has many years of experience in designing utilities for the dairy industry, in regard to energy-friendly solutions as well. This experience was naturally handed over to Seoul Dairy Cooperative in order to ensure that the right equipment and installations were purchased and installed in the new and modern dairy plant.

The master plan designed by NIRAS reflects the careful consideration of their passionate engineers for securing optimal space allocation and work flow for product processing, productivity, hygiene, safety, site visits, as well as future expansion. Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to NIRAS. 

Bo Kyeong Kim, General Manager, Seoul Dairy Cooperation

High-quality products

Danish knowledge of hygienic production methods is highly recognized worldwide, and NIRAS has many years of experience in securing the delivery of the very best hygiene solutions.

Our solid expertise resulted in a master plan ensuring that the new proposed plant was designed with the “best practice” hygiene solutions and the “best practice” modern automated production solutions & technologies complying with the relevant EU & US hygiene requirements.

Frank Nyegaard

Frank Nyegaard

Market Director

Odense, Denmark

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