Visualisation of a meat processing plant

Meat processing plant in Ecuador according to European standards

Master plan for a new future-proof meat processing plant

NIRAS assisted the largest food producer in Ecuador, PRONACA, establishing a meat processing plant according to European standards.

NIRAS prepared a master plan for a new future-proof meat processing plant for the largest food producer in Ecuador.

PRONACA is the largest food producer in Ecuador with several production lines including pork and poultry slaughtering and meat processing. Due to considerable growth, PRONACA needed to streamline its meat processing production and expand its capacity. The aim was to control and homogenise the quality level of the production, achieve energy savings and reduce the use of resources. Moreover, the new plant should live up to local energy and environmental requirements.

NIRAS had previously conducted similar projects in Latin America and was therefore engaged in order to give the management of PRONACA a solid basis for their decision-making. Furthermore, NIRAS was engaged to bring a European approach to the project in regards to streamlining, automation, quality, hygiene, energy-efficient solutions, etc.

Based on analyses of the existing plants and the potential of a new establishment, NIRAS prepared the master plan for a modern meat processing plant. The plan covered every aspect of the project from investment budgets and potential savings through process and layout solutions, building, technology, energy and production efficiency, to flow of products and hygiene procedures.

PRONACA had already expanded its production several times. NIRAS proposal included a long-term perspective that allowed for continuous expansions to ensure that the new plant would meet any future requirements through modern technology, automation and streamlining.

The solutions presented in the master plan also secured an efficient production of all the product types that PRONACA produces as well as flexibility in relation to growth and fluctuation of individual product groups. And included modern storage solutions to ensure product quality, shelf life and traceability.

Finally, on request from PRONACA, NIRAS also incorporated thoughts on occupational health and safety and ergonomics – especially in relation to heavy lifts.