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With the KortInfo digital map, participants and organisers always have a full and up-to-date overview of the venue for the Folkemødet (Peoples’ gathering) on Bornholm.

July 12, 2021
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The smell of grilled sausages is a regular part of the party when organisations, politicians and ordinary, curious people gather for the annual Folkemødet on Bornholm. 

Grilled sausages is a simple enough idea, but firing up the gas grill for a large folk festival like this, with 100,000 participants, requires careful planning. The grill chef must have permission to use gas and the fire authorities must be informed. 

Creating an overview of everything from gas grills, escape routes and road closures to stands and electrical installations, the KortInfo digital map is for the third year in a row an indispensable tool for the organisers and participants at Bornholm’s Folkemødet. KortInfo ensures that everyone always has access to updated information about the site's facilities. 

Three maps combined into one 

KortInfo was developed by NIRAS and replaces the previous arrangement from before 2015, where emergency workers, electricians and organisers had to work with three different paper maps in their pockets. 

The Folkemødet organisers had their own map with stages, tents and toilets listed. A traffic map showed bus routes and road closures, and finally Bornholm's Regional Municipality had a map with listed houses, water pipes and other technical information. The maps were printed as pdfs. 

In addition to the difficulty of comparing information in three different maps, the setup also meant that, for example, the emergency personnel could never be sure the maps were mutually updated. 

KortInfo collects all relevant information on one and the same map, which can be continuously updated, so that everyone works out from the same information. 

It is practical when the emergency services carry out inspections in the tent area before the Folkemødet starts. 

Read more about map products here.  

Information can be targeted 

KortInfo collects more than 20 different layers of DWG and TAB files, and the layered structure allows you to target the content to different groups. For the Folkemødet, the overview of tents and toilets is relevant for all visitors, while the electricians' cable runs or the location of hotspot routers are reserved for the technical staff. 

KortInfo Touch allows the map to be displayed in a customised way on mobile phones and tablets. While emergency personnel can quickly check with KortInfo on their mobile whether the permission for gas at a stand site has been granted, the participants can use the map to find the nearest tent with grilled sausages. 

Continuously updated maps

  • KortInfo collects all information about an area on one map. 
  • With CAD-GIS conversion, KortInfo gets information from different systems to talk together in the same program. 
  • With a single click, the map can be updated so that all users have the same up-to-date information. 
  • KortInfo is structured in layers so that the content can be targeted and reserved for specific users. At the Folkemødet, information about electrical installations, for example, is only relevant for technical staff, while all Folkemødet visitors must know where the toilets are.

With everything in KortInfo we have gotten fantastic accessibility to data.

Henrik Madsen, Fireinspector

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