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Kämpetorp School (Kämpetorpsskolan) is a primary and middle school located in Älvsjö, Stockholm. Currently with space for 350 students, the school is to be expanded to help cater for Stockholm’s increasing population and is set to accommodate a total of around 1080 students up to 9th grade in future.

September 1, 2021
  • COUNTRIES: Sweden

In addition to the new school buildings, a new school canteen and a 1200-portion kitchen facility are planned. The school forms part of the ongoing local development plan review, which aims to facilitate and create a well-functioning campus for both preschool and school children during the day and sports and youth activities in the evening.

The original school

The existing school was designed by architect Paul Hedqvist and is characterised by a pyramid roof above a central sky-lit hall in the main building.

All the original buildings are of significant historical value with a high degree of symmetry and repetition, and a colour scheme typical of the 1950s. The school has been accorded ‘green classification’ by the Stockholm City Museum.

The new buildings

The proposed extension contains two new school buildings with teaching facilities: one for the upper school and arts subjects – which is joined to the main building by a glazed walkway – and one for the primary and middle school.

The main building, maintaining its purposeful character, houses the school administration and links the other school buildings together.

A separate building for the dining hall and kitchen facility is planned in the eastern section of the school grounds. This has been given a strong, distinctive identity of its own, forming a counterpart to the school's original main building.
The careful placement of the different houses is sympathetic to the lie of the land, the orientation of the surrounding buildings, and the natural form of the adjacent woodland edge.

Together with the primary school building, the dining hall building forms a backdrop against the wood. While the schoolyard areas are otherwise framed by the interaction of the surrounding buildings, a clear and generous connection with the adjacent woodland is maintained.


Assessment, project planning document, detailed development planning, tender documents
Reconstruction approximately 4000 m²
Extension approximately 6500 m²

Environment and materials

The architecture of the new school buildings is specially adapted in relation to environmental considerations. This means that the architecture contains integrated solutions for daylight, stormwater management and solar shading, while the basic structure and facades retain great flexibility in respect of possible future changes in lay-out.

Both aesthetic longevity and ease of maintenance inform the choice of materials, creating an inviting environment that is worth cherishing.

Project planning

The project planning of the new Kämpetorp School was performed in accordance with SISAB's environmental programme, which is based in turn on that of the City of Stockholm. This means, among other things, that all new buildings are planned for ‘silver’ certification by Sweden Green Building Council (Miljöbyggnad).

Existing buildings are covered by SISAB's own environmental programmes and the project-specific objectives set in relation to the environment and humidity levels. Thus a special environmental

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