Strengthening Guyana’s ­natural defences against effects of climate change while mitigating the risk of disasters

Guyana sea and river defence and disaster risk management legislation FWC SIEA 2018- Lot 1: Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience

A field visit in September 2018 with the EU Delegation and Guyana’s SRD Division to look at some of the sea defences.

A team of climate change and ­environmental experts worked with regulators to develop legislative packages supporting the country’s integrated coastal zone management efforts, ensuring stakeholder engagement throughout the process.

March 10, 2020
  • SDG: #11, #13, #16
  • SECTORS: Development Consulting, Water
  • COUNTRIES: Brazil
  • DURATION: 2018 - 2019

With its position on the northeast coast of South America, Guyana is highly vulnerable to flooding. To mitigate the risk facing the nearly 90% of its population who live on the coastal plain – and below sea level – a sustainable integrated coastal zone management approach was adopted to promote climate change adaptation and resilience in the country. But despite good intentions, legislation has not kept up with developments and the growing threats from global warming.

With funding from the EU and support from a NIRAS team of experts, in 2018 Guyana drafted two legislative bills: one on Sea and River Defence (SRD) and the other on Disaster Risk Management (DRM). The project to support this work was extended in 2019 to ensure this legislation would receive support, paving the way for its adoption.

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Biljana Kovacevic

Biljana Kovacevic

Coordinator, Facilities and Framework Contracts U