Grand innovation partnership develops future designs for floating offshore wind

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On the 30th of January 2024, the project Integrated Designs for Future Floating Offshore Wind Farm Technology (INF4INiTY) kicked-off. The INF4INiTY project is about developing integrated designs for future floating offshore wind farm, providing major technology innovations involving nature inclusive design as part of the floating foundation for the offshore wind turbine.

February 14, 2024
  • SDG: #13, #14, #17
  • SECTORS: Offshore Wind, Environment and Ecology
  • COUNTRIES: Global
  • CONTRACT VALUE: € 6 million

NIRAS won the contract in a joint partnership consisting of 13 partners from eight European countries and being awarded project INF4INiTY is a great milestone for NIRAS allowing the colleagues in Offshore Wind to work on novel technologies and expand their engineering and environmental competences.

“This project is an important win for NIRAS and enables us to work with cutting edge technology for floating offshore wind as well take part in establishing a benchmark concept for the future approach to handle EIA, permitting and consent for floating wind. Our technologies, services and know-how will play a key role in the success of the project, while we will also be able to greatly expand and develop with the expertise of the consortium partners over the coming four years,” says Thor Ugelvig Petersen, Vice President for Offshore Wind, with great satisfaction of winning the project.

Revolutionizing offshore wind technology

In particular, INF4INiTY provides two major technology innovations: an innovative nature inclusive design (NID) for gravity anchors and their associated scour protection system and (2) an innovative primary artificial reef structure (ARS) combined with the floating structure of a floating offshore wind turbine.

“To achieve these ambitious goals, INF4INiTY combines world class numerical modelling and experimental analysis expertise with leading industrial technology development. Being immersed in a holistic techno-environomic, multi-level, multi-objective optimisation framework, INF4INiTY’s technology development results in truly innovative, economically viable, and sustainable solutions for the floating offshore wind industry,“ Thor Ugelvig Petersen.

Facts about INF4INiTY

INF4INiTY is a 48-month project funded by the European Union under the Horizon-Europe framework programme consisting of 13 partners from 8 European countries: Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Norway, Italy and Spain.

INF4INiTY will be a joint effort of six higher education institutions (TUBS, LUH, UGent, DTU, PoliTO, MGEP), two research institutes (IBW PAN, SINTEF), three engineering companies (BM SUMER, WIKKI, GICON), one large company (NIRAS), and an expert in techno-environomics analysis, D&C and SSH, including gender aspects (ATA).

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Tremendous potential for future floating offshore wind

“It is part of the Offshore Wind business to contribute to the green energy transition and to a large extent expand NIRAS’ renewable energy profile. In the offshore wind industry, we see an increasing potential and exploitation of renewable energy sources in building and designing floating offshore wind farms. The INF4INiTY project will play an important role in the future to achieve the European Commission’s ambitious goal of achieving climate-neutral energy transition,” says Thor Ugelvig Petersen.

As part of our GREENsition strategy, NIRAS wants to expand the business and service offerings that aid the green energy transition globally. This project will enable us to develop substantial offerings in our home markets, leverage synergies with existing projects and clients, and ultimately showcase our abilities in floating offshore wind.

The importance of an increased exploitation of renewable energy sources to mitigate the anthropogenic climate change and foster a more sustainable energy mix is recognised globally. In particular, in Europe, the tremendous potential of floating offshore wind will play an important role in the future to achieve the ambitious goals of the European Commission towards a climate-neutral energy transition.

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Global player within offshore wind consultancy

The NIRAS Offshore Wind team has an international presence and portfolio of projects and references covering the majority of offshore wind markets. INF4INiTY underlines that we are a preferred company and trusted advisor when it comes providing expert knowledge and consultancy within the following:

  • Design of gravity anchor and scour protection: Frontend Engineering and Design (FEED) for nature inclusive gravity anchors with scour protection systems

  • Catalogue of nature inclusive designs for offshore wind applications

  • Design and optimization of floating structure with artificial reef and FEED for artificial reef structure integrated in the floating structure

  • Performance and load analysis at wind farm scale (incl. levelized cost of energy (LCOE), capital expenditure (CapEx), operational expenditure (OpEx)

  • Socio and environmental impact modelling and assessment (three areas to be investigated and delivered in web-based platform)

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Working across

We aim to enhance collaboration between our business units, fostering a culture of open communication and cooperation.

By facilitating knowledge-sharing initiatives, we empower teams to leverage each other's expertise, driving innovation and efficiency across the organization. Through active participation in learning opportunities, we cultivate a dynamic environment where employees continually expand their skills and contribute to the collective growth of NIRAS. Together, we strive to maximize our collective potential, driving sustainable success and delivering exceptional value to the project and our partners.

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Integrated designs for Future Floating Offshore Wind farm Technology

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