Finansparken Bjergsted – One of the Europe’s largest commercial buildings built in the wood

Stavanger, Bjergstad

Europe’s largest commercial building constructed in wood, Finansparken in Stavanger in Norway.

NIRAS has participated in the construction and engineering solutions for Europe’s largest commercial building constructed in wood, Finansparken in Stavanger in Norway.

February 13, 2020
  • SDG: #7, #9, #11, #3, #12, #17
  • SECTORS: Building
  • COUNTRIES: Norway
  • CLIENT: Sparebank 1 SR-bank

Wood has had a renaissance in the building industry in recent years. An increased focus on sustainability has the led to the surge of wood as a building material. In addition, new construction techniques also make it possible to use wood in large structures.

A prime example of this tendency is Finansparken in Stavanger in Norway, which is the new headquarter for a Norwegian bank. With a total of some 22.600 square meters, it is the largest commercial building in Europe made of wood.

NIRAS’ Stavanger office in Norway started to work with Finansparken in 2014, construction started in 2016 and the building opened to the public in November 2019.

High environmental profile

The building is constructed to accommodate a bank in Stavanger and fits about 650 employees. It has 10 levels, 3 of which are built in concrete and used for parking and technical rooms.

The 7 remaining above ground levels are built in solid wood. The building has a high environmental profile, and is about to be certified as Breeam Outstanding building, which is the highest level in Breeam certifications.

NIRAS has had different tasks on the project, such as;

  • Requirement specification for technical subjects (pre-project)
  • Energy calculations
  • Breeam accountant
  • Electrical engineering

The project totals 22 600 m2 and has cost approximately 45 million EUR.

Advanced electrical engineering

The electrical engineering on the building is very advanced as the geometry of the building is nontraditional, and because the project is a Smart House building.

The Smart House technology on the building makes it possible to adjust ventilation, heating, lighting and sun screening via smartphone. There are therefore no touch panels for adjusting these systems, as they are fully operated though smartphone or a web-portal.

Every active electrical component in the building has a SMART-ID, which tells us where it is located in accordance to the building's uniquely defined grid, what system it belongs to, and what kind of component it is.

This is very handy for the maintenance program and BIM model as well, since every component has a unique ID. There are about 4.5 km of LED-strips in the building in addition to the general lighting.

Flexibility, and flexible seating in particular, was a key feature in the design of the building in order to create a space that is easily malleable to continuously fit the changing needs of a modern office.

There are 24 energy wells (located 5760 meters below ground) and 21.000 meters of floor heating pipes. The main heating source is a 6 ton heating pump combined with an electrical boiler as a backup.

Thomas Tollefsen

Thomas Tollefsen

Electrical Design Engineer

Stavanger, Norway

+47 988 14 903

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