Windmills in sunset at open water
NIRAS will be the consultant when Asia’s first offshore wind farms are to be built.

Consultancy on offshore wind farms

Taiwan is investing in offshore wind turbines

Asia’s first offshore wind farms are to be built in the Taiwan Strait and within a few years they will supply the island state with green energy.

The penetrating howl from scooters generates noise in many Asian cities, while the smell of two-stroke engine exhausts fills the air and nostrils. However, in Taiwan’s capital city Taipei, more and more inhabitants are replacing the noisy machines with Tesla’s version of a scooter – the electrically powered Smartscooter, made by Taiwanese company Gogoro.

In the future, Smartscooter batteries could be recharged with green energy from offshore wind turbines, because right now Taiwan is leading the way and constructing Asia’s first offshore wind farms in the Strait between the island state and the Chinese mainland.

From nuclear power to wind
Taiwan’s residents currently get power for lampposts and kitchen appliances from coal and nuclear power – both the uranium and coal is imported to the island. Taiwan has neither oil nor coal underground, but on the other hand, the wind blows tirelessly in the Taiwan Strait. In a few years, the wind will get the turbines in the first real off-shore wind farm to spin.

NIRAS is working in a joint venture collaboration with Sinotech Engineering Consultant, LTD as the developer consultants for the state-owned Taiwan Power Company, TPC, in connection with the first farm with 28 offshore wind turbines. NIRAS and Sinotech have together developed tender documents with a concept design, that is the initial design, and will evaluate tenders on the overall job and supervise the project. Nobody has yet built offshore wind turbine farms so far from the coast in Asia, and here NIRAS can contribute with solid experience from projects in Denmark and Europe.

Within the next three to four years, the turbines will be ready to power Smartscooters, which carry the inhabitants through Taipei, with wind energy. Without the noise and without the smell.