Taiwan focuses on offshore wind turbines

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NIRAS will be the consultant when Asia’s first offshore wind farms are to be built.

The first offshore wind farm in Asia will be constructed in the Taiwan Strait, and within a few years do its bit toward supplying the island state with green energy.

September 12, 2017
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Piercing noises from scooters and a stench from the two-stroke engines that fills up the air and nostrils often set the background of many Asian cities. However, in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, more and more citizens replace the noisy machines with Tesla’s answer to an electrically driven scooter produced by the Taiwanese company Gogoro.

In the future the smart scooter’s batteries will be recharged with green energy from offshore wind turbines as Taiwan is currently leading the way, constructing Asia’s very first offshore wind farms in the strait between the island state and mainland China.

From nuclear power to wind

Today, Taiwanese citizens power lampposts and kitchen appliances with coal and nuclear energy. There is no oil and coal in the underground, and uranium and coal are imported. However, within a few years the constant wind that blows in the Strait of Taiwan will make the first real offshore wind farms spin.  
In the construction process of the first 28 turbine wind farms, NIRAS has entered a joint venture with the company Sinotech Engineering Consultant, LTD, acting as building owner consultant for the state owned power company, TPC.

Together NIRAS and Sinotech have developed tender documents with Conceptual Design plans - the early phase of the design process - and will evaluate proposals and monitor the comprehensive project.

This is the first time in Asia, offshore wind farms will be built this far off the coastline, and NIRAS will contribute with a wealth of knowledge from projects in Denmark and Europe.

Within three or four years, the turbines will be ready to fill up the smart scooters that transport the citizens of Taipei, with wind energy. Without any noise or stench.

Offshore wind farm supplies 140,000 homes

  • The first wind farm in Taiwan will include 28 turbines
  • The park will produce 140 megawatt, which can supply 140,000 homes with power.
  • Taiwan’s three nuclear plants (plus a fourth under construction) will according to plan, be shut down.
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