sdg measure on computer
The IT-tool SDG Measure provides specific solutions to how a building can contribute to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. During the process, you can continuously document the effect of the solutions you choose.

Achieve sustainable buildings with SDG Measure

How do you build sustainably? With SDG Measure, we help you move from good intentions to specific solutions.

With the tool SDG Measure we can provide assistance as to how you can build in the most sustainable way.

The tool can measure on multiple parameters and infer how specific initiatives, such as installing solar panels or using wooden or recycled materials, impact the sustainability of a building.

We help you translate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to the particular context of your building and make sustainability measurable.

According to NIRAS’ sustainability specialists, 11 out of the 17 sustainability goals are applicable to construction projects, and our specialists recommend prioritising three to five goals on a project to achieve the greatest effect within each goal.

The life-cycle of the building

SDG Measure takes in to account the entire life-cycle of a building. This means everything from material supply to planning, executing, operating and the processes that happen when the building finishes its lifespan.

With SDG Measure you can determine in which phase of the building the individual goals are achieved. Is it during operations in terms of energy usage and indoor climate? Or is it when the building has ended its lifespan and its materials can be recycled or decomposed sustainably?

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