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NIRAS in Denmark

NIRAS was founded in Denmark in 1956 and today we are among the leading consulting engineering companies in Denmark.

If you have been to Denmark, there is a good chance that you have already encountered NIRAS. At least in terms of the projects we have been involved in. As consulting engineers, we do not affix little “Made in” stickers to our projects. If we did, you would see them everywhere.

The wind turbines you see when you approach Copenhagen Airport are one example. With our primary competencies in environmental assessment and off-shore wind turbine foundations, we in NIRAS contribute to the Danish - and global - wind-power adventure. Iconic structures such as DOKK1 in Aarhus and the DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)’s concert hall are also projects that NIRAS has contributed to.

Selected projects


Amazing LEGO Campus in Billund

In Billund employees have moved into the new LEGO Campus’ first leg of the 55,000 square meter building, which in the future will house many of the company’s employees in Denmark. NIRAS has delivered all engineering services on this exciting project.
Carlsberg water plant

Carlsberg halves its water usage at Fredericia Brewery

NIRAS is an integral part of a water saving project that will enable Carlsberg Brewery in Fredericia, Denmark, to recycle 90% of all process water and halve its overall water usage. The brewery will be the most water efficient production plant in the Carlsberg Group, and the construction of the new water recycling plant will make it one of the most water efficient large breweries in the world.
EIA investigations optimised Denmark’s largest offshore wind turbine park

EIA investigations optimised Denmark’s largest offshore wind turbine park

Four years of thorough environmental investigations and assessments ensure that Kriegers Flak offshore wind turbine park can be constructed with the fewest possible impacts on the environment.
Mars top

Europe’s first specially designed recycling facility for ships and offshore structures has been established in a Danish harbour

When the enormous platforms from the North Sea arrived at Port of Frederikshavn last week, it wasn’t to end their days in a landfill. The platforms are going to EU’s most environmentally friendly and specially designed recycling facility, which has been established by the American company Modern American Recycling Services (M.A.R.S), with Danish advisor NIRAS as partner.

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