Name change of our subsidiary in the Netherlands: VMEngineering becomes NIRAS Nederland

Jeroen Van Den Boezem & Jeroen Van Lunsen NIRAS Nederland

Market Director Jeroen van den Boezem (left) and Managing Director Jeroen van Lunsen (right) of NIRAS Nederland.

VMEngineering has been part of the NIRAS Group since 2018. The company has announced a name change to NIRAS Nederland and will continue its business operations under the corporate NIRAS brand. The subsidiary in the Netherlands will continue to focus on the food and beverage industry, both locally and globally.

June 8, 2022

“Since VMEngineering became part of NIRAS almost 4 years ago our clients have been more and more exposed to the full suite of services, we can jointly offer. We find it sensible to change the brand to NIRAS. It also goes hand in hand with our strong focus on the green transition, which is also gaining more importance for many of our clients in the Netherlands. This focus on sustainability is strongly associated with the NIRAS brand”, explains Thomas B. Olsen, Senior Vice President.

He follows up by emphasizing: “We are one company no matter if the projects are delivered from one of our Dutch offices or from another NIRAS office somewhere else in the world.”

Substantive knowledge of engineering and food technology

The organization in the Netherlands is known as an expert in process and packaging engineering, the company also excelled in the field of hygienic design and digital design. The distinguishing factor has always been the substantive knowledge of engineering itself in combination with food technology.

“Since we became part of NIRAS we have already experienced the benefits for both parties. With our Dutch skills in detailed design and Virtual Reality we are adding value to the international NIRAS business. The expertise of our colleagues from Denmark and the UK, supports our projects in the Netherlands, especially on master planning, simulations, heat recovery and sustainable water solutions. This way we are further developing the range of services. There are already clients who have experienced the benefits of our shared experience,” says Jeroen van Lunsen, Managing Director in the Netherlands.

Jeroen van den Boezem, Marketing Director in the Netherlands, is very clear on the importance of unification.

“It symbolically ends a longer period of integrating VMEngineering as a business unit into NIRAS. It shows our clients we are one company. This is essential since we aim to bring the knowledge and experience from all business units, also from Denmark and the UK for example, to our customers and vice versa.”

Søren Nøhr Bak NIRAS NL

A good match

In recent years, it has often become apparent that the NIRAS Group and the local Dutch organization are a good match. This is during joint projects, but also in strengthening the services regarding the growing demand for know-how regarding sustainability, construction, and other services for food producers. The name change is a logical step to unambiguously bring the business operations to a higher level.

Van den Boezem adds:

“We can now sufficiently support each other in a million ways and achieve greater successes together, even more. Especially, I am looking forward to helping our clients reach their sustainability goals through NIRAS’ expert services in this area.”

The name change will take effect on July 1, 2022. NIRAS Nederland B.V. will be the official new company name stated in the articles of association. The company will also be recognizable under the corporate logo and brand: NIRAS.

The company will not make any managerial changes and will continue to operate from the current three locations in Rosmalen, Sneek, and Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.

Facts about NIRAS Nederland and VMEngineering

NIRAS Nederland is - as the name suggests - based in The Netherlands and offers expert consultancy to the food and beverage industry within areas such Hygienic Design, Digital Design, Process and Packaging engineering, as well as the accompanying project management.

In line with the rest of The NIRAS Group, NIRAS NL designs according to the most recent guidelines, codes and standards of hygiene and quality.

NIRAS has been present in the Netherlands since 2018, when the Dutch company VMEngineering (VME) became part of the NIRAS Group.

VMEngineering was founded in 1994 and has since been a trusted consultant for the Dutch food and beverage industry. In May 2022, VME officilally changed its name to NIRAS Nedlerand.

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