NIRAS strengthens its position with the acquisition of Norlys' energy consulting business

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NIRAS has acquired Norlys' energy consulting business and welcomes a series of experts in industrial energy optimisation. In addition, Norlys and NIRAS enter into a new partnership agreement within the area.

March 4, 2021

With the acquisition of Norlys' energy consulting business, NIRAS has strengthened its position within energy consulting in Denmark. The acquisition will take effect from 1 April, where the employees of Norlys Energi will become part of NIRAS' team of experts.

NIRAS and Norlys have moreover entered into a new partnership agreement as to ensure better energy consultancy for customers.

“In NIRAS, we work purposefully with sustainability in the consulting business, and consequently we wish to strengthen our position with the acquisition of Norlys' energy consulting. By adding the new experts, we strengthen our professional capacity and our position in the market for energy consulting for industrial companies,”says Thomas B. Olsen, NIRAS’ Senior Vice President of Process Industry in NIRAS.

A great match

Norlys also sees the agreement as an attractive opportunity to focus the business while ensuring the best possible utilisation of the potential in energy consulting.

”To us, it was essential to sell to an actor whose core business is consulting, so that we can continue to offer our clients the best possible energy consultancy while sending our employees well on. NIRAS is among Scandinavia’s leading engineering consultancy companies, and with 2300 specialists within the consultancy sector, it is a great match. We are therefore very happy to be able to sell the business to them,” says Mads Brøgger, director of Norlys Energi.

He emphasizes that it was important to Norlys that their employees would become part of a strong professional environment with good opportunities for professional development.

Partnership agreement between NIRAS and Norlys

At the same time, Norlys and NIRAS will strengthen their collaboration through a partnership agreement, which means that moving forward, Norlys will be able to offer industrial clients even stronger solutions within energy consultancy.

”We wish to continue to offer our clients energy consultancy services which fit the current market and are of the highest quality, but we believe that we stand strongest by offering the services through a partner who is leading on the market. Therefore, the divestment of the activities was the best solution for both Norlys and for our employees,” says Mads Brøgger.

NIRAS also views the new partnership agreement as a clear advantage.

”There is an increasing focus on sustainability both in Denmark and globally, and with this agreement, NIRAS can now develop our services even further and offer our clients even better solutions within the energy field,” says Thomas B. Olsen.

Norlys is Denmarks largest energy and internet group with 1.5 million customers and 2.500 employees.

About Norlys

Norlys is the result of a merger between the companies SE and Eniig. Norlys delivers electricity and internet to more than one million adresses in Denmark. The company works towards a more sustainable and a more digital Denmark.

With its 709.000 members, aproximately 1.5 million customer relations, and 2.500 employees, Norlys is the largest energy and tele group in Denmark. Norlys owns Stofa, Boxer, Eniig Fiber and N1. The company has its head office in Silkeborg as well as office locations in Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

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