NIRAS and Klinkby Enge build partnership on ESG services

Tom Heron Tomh Ns 09006

NIRASand Klinkby Enge, a specialized Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) due diligence and data analytics firm, have entered into a partnership on ESG-related projects.

May 3, 2021

About Klinkby Enge:

Klinkby Enge is an ESG due diligence and data analytics firm focused on infrastructure and private assets. Klinkby Enge works for Nordic and international asset owners, asset managers and companies. Klinkby Enge has performed detailed ESG risk analysis on a wide range of private assets across sectors and geographies. Klinkby Enge is specialized in infrastructure and energy transition assets in Europe and North America. Klinkby Enge was founded by Anders Klinkby and Bengt Enge and is based in Copenhagen.

Klinkby Enge will be able to offer Nordic and international investors an integrated solution for ESG due diligence and analysis that includes access to NIRAS’ technical competencies and experience across sectors, assets and geographies.        

NIRAS will be able to integrate Klinkby Enge’s ESG data models and competencies in, for example, data collection, modelling and reporting on specific projects. 

Form ESG due diligence teams together

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with NIRAS. NIRAS has a strong commitment to sustainable progress, more than 60 years track record and a very strong set of consulting engineering competencies. It will create significant additional value for our clients that we can now integrate NIRAS’ deep technical competencies in different specialized ESG solutions. The partnership also increases our capacity to work on a larger number of ESG due diligences and projects across asset types and geographies. We can now form ESG due diligence teams together with NIRAS that leverage NIRAS’ global presence and more than 2,000 experts,” says Anders Klinkby, CEO and founder of Klinkby Enge.  

“We are delighted with the collaboration with Klinkby Enge. Klinkby Enge is recognized as a high-quality and innovative firm within ESG due diligence and data analytics in the financial sector and for private assets. By combining NIRAS’ commitment to technical competencies and experience within sustainable engineering solutions with Klinkby Enge’s models for ESG risk analysis we think we can provide optimized digital solutions for ESG due diligence,” says Tom Heron, Senior Vice President for Sustainability, Digitalisation, Planning and Environment in NIRAS.