NIRAS acquires Lorien Engineering Solutions and grows its food & beverage and life science business

Niras Acquries Lorient Engineering Solutions

NIRAS has acquired Lorien Engineering Solutions, a division of GP Strategies Corporation. The integration accelerates NIRAS’s growth ambitions within the global food & beverage and life science sectors and significantly strengthens the company’s market position within process industry.

December 4, 2023

A strong fit of capabilities

“Lorien Engineering Solutions and NIRAS are a strong fit in terms of expertise, scale, clients and markets. With this integration, we can grow and develop Lorien Engineering Solutions' services as part of our core business to solidify our position in the food & beverage and life science industries and expand the offering for our clients throughout and globally", Senior Vice President in NIRAS, Thomas B. Olsen explains.

Lorien Engineering Solutions is a full-range provider of engineering consultancy services ranging from conceptual and predesign all the way through to project management and commissioning within the food & beverage, life science, and advanced manufacturing Industries. They also provide extensive compliance and energy optimisation services to their clients worldwide. The company has offices in Poland, the U.K. and South Africa, which will add to NIRAS’s international profile and global presence.

A strong player in the food and beverage industry and a growing market position within life science

“NIRAS has a strong position within food & beverage, and our life science business is growing fast, so in adding the expertise from Lorien Engineering Solutions, we will become an even stronger player in both sectors. The company is also involved in energy solutions and design of facilities supporting the green energy transition which will further strengthen NIRAS’s capabilities around this area. This means that we will be able to provide an even better service to our clients, drawing on the knowledge from Lorien Engineering Solutions and leveraging the power of collaboration across clients segments, countries, and skilled colleagues”, Thomas B. Olsen continues.

A multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy anchored in sustainability

In joining NIRAS, Lorien Engineering Solutions becomes part of a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with more than 2,800 employees focused on delivering sustainable solutions for the progress of society. The acquisition facilitates opportunities for increased international scale and growth, diversity, and balance across all products, services, and geographies.

“We are delighted that Lorien Engineering Solution has been acquired by NIRAS, a renowned engineering consultancy recognised as a leader in the food and beverage industry. With this merger, our dedicated employees join forces with a like-minded organisation, presenting expanded opportunities. We will be well positioned to provide our clients with greater value and support as we expand our services, enhance our capacity, and deepen our expertise,” said Shay Moran, Senior Vice President EMEA, GP Strategies Corporation. 

The transaction is expected to be completed on 1 January 2024.

About Lorien Engineering Solutions

Lorien Engineering Solutions is a consultancy engineering business providing services within the food & beverage, life science, and advanced manufactoring sectors. The company has offices in Poland, the U.K., and South Africa and has up until now been a division of GP Strategies Corporation, which has over 65 offices in 30 countries world-wide. 

Lorien Engineering Solutions provides support on CapEx projects including engineering design, project management and technical consulting services for manufacturing plants and facility design. They assist companies to manage their safety compliance issues connected with manufacturing operations and construction and develop clients' energy strategies.

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