Tina Hørbye Christensen is the new CFO of the NIRAS Group

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As our new CFO, Tina Hørbye Christensen will play a key role in the strategic development toward NIRAS’s international objectives as well as in the Scandinavian home market.

On 1 March 2021, Tina Hørbye Christensen will step in as the new Chief Financial Officer in NIRAS. Tina joins NIRAS with a solid level of experience and industry knowledge – most recently from her position as CFO in WSP Denmark.

March 1, 2021

A strong partnership between engineers and economists is underway in NIRAS. The executive management welcomes 40-year-old Tina Hørbye Christensen, who will assume the position of chief financial officer from the beginning of March 2021.

Tina brings more than 20 years of experience from companies such as A.P. Møller-Mærsk, ISS, Danish Standards, and Debitel. Her latest position was CFO in WSP Denmark (previously Orbicon), which she has chosen to leave after a year on the job.

“It was too good of an opportunity to turn down. I think the company presents some very interesting challenges both regarding its size and its international growth journey,” Tina Hørbye Christensen says, who now has the title of CFO and Executive Vice President.

Driven by future challenges

With its foundation-owned structure, NIRAS has a special focus on innovation, digitalisation, and sustainable solutions for its clients. The new CFO points to the foundation ownership in particular as one of the interesting elements of the company that opens opportunities. Both in terms of the strategic business development and certainly also regarding corporate social responsibility, which fosters work satisfaction and motivation for engineers as well as economists.

“I am looking forward to being a part of solving some of society’s greatest challenges and contributing to the green transition through my work for NIRAS. And on the shorter term, I am looking forward to getting to know the company and my new colleagues, even though it will surely be a slightly strange start due to the Corona pandemic,” Tina Hørbye Christensen says.

Quality, sustainability, and digitalisation

Chief executive officer in NIRAS, Carsten Toft Boesen, is looking forward to the collaboration, which will begin in the executive hall and eventually expand to affect all of NIRAS’s projects.

“We are very happy to have a capacity such as Tina with us in the strategic development of NIRAS – both regarding our international aspirations and in our Scandinavian home market. Our main priority is to deliver projects of the highest quality to our clients, while we simultaneously invest significantly in growth, digital innovation, and the development of sustainable solutions. To secure resources for these investments, it is crucial we ensure the continued development and streamlining of our global business processes and systems. For this, Tina is undoubtedly the right partner,” Carsten Toft Boesen says.

Tina will continue the work of Kresten Kloch, who has been CFO in NIRAS since August 2010. Kresten will carry on as Senior Vice President in NIRAS with the responsibility for HR, Communication, and Facility Management. Furthermore, Kresten will focus on solving global assignments in NIRAS’ subsidiaries and head a development project at the headquarters north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Yearbook: Tina Hørbye Christensen

22 years of experience as CFO, Finance Manager, and Head of Department in different Danish companies. Alongside her working career, Tina has studied management at Copenhagen Business School and completed her Executive Global MBA in 2018. Privately, Tina resides in Kongens Lyngby with her husband and two children.

  • 2021-: CFO in NIRAS
  • 2020-2021: Finance manager in Orbicon – now WSP Danmark A/S
  • 2018: Executive Global MBA from Copenhagen Business School
  • 2012-2020: Finance, IT, and HR Director in Danish Standards, Ecolabelling Denmark, and ETA Danmark A/S
  • 2009-2012: Head of Business Controlling Scandinavia in Papyrus A/S
  • 2005-2009: Ass. General Manager in A.P. Møller-Mærsk A/S
  • 2005: Graduate Diploma in Informatics and Management Accounting from Copenhagen Business School
  • 2003-2005: Head of Department in ISS Contact Center
  • 1999-2003: Head of Department in Debitel
  • 1999: Graduate of The Higher Commercial Examination (HHX) in Ishøj
  • 1980: Born 2 April in Karlslunde

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