Office Location

Koste Jovanovica 3
11010 Belgrade

NIRAS – bringing both depth and breadth of experience to our work

NIRAS has been working in the Serbian context since 2003, building up local expertise and knowledge of the Serbian context, and in 2010 we set up a permanent representative to provide more hands-on and tailored approach to the projects we implement in the country and region. In 2016, NIRAS decided to expand our presence in a significant way, establishing a full- fledged LTD local office in Belgrade and locating key organisational functions in the country. Today, 35 fulltime staff work in our Serbian office in a dedicated Tender Support Unit, a separate EU Frameworks Contract Unit, and across technical areas on the implementation of local, regional and international projects. As Belgrade is home to many major international consulting firms, this also gives us the opportunity to form better partnerships and collaborations with those who have complementary portfolios.

Working in Serbia for so many years has given us insight into the development priorities of the country – and has led to our staff building expertise in issues such as sustainable energy and environment, education and employment, agriculture and rural development, and public administration reform (including EU accession support). These key priorities drive development cooperation in Serbia and drive the projects which we implement, such as From Education to Employment which focusses on youth skills development and activation; Regional and Rural Development Support Programme which strengthens governance processes and brings learnings to all stakeholders; EU Support to Social Welfare in Serbia (2017-2020), which supports the implementation of a 5,5 Million EUR EU grant scheme to improve social protection, social entrepreneurship and prevent early school dropouts; and Technical Assistance for the improvement of living and housing conditions among the Roma population, to support the most vulnerable in society. Our track record of delivering successful projects means that we are a trusted partner for international and national donors such as the European Commission through EuropeAid and Swiss Development Cooperation.