NIRAS has been continuously present in Lao PDR since 1989 and has had an office established since 1991. The office is a registered representative office.

The establishment of the office was done to provide support to subsequent phases of the Sida funded Lao Swedish Forestry Programme (1991-2001) and has evolved since then to provide support to many projects and programmes. It is still one of few European offices based in Laos and has thus a competitive edge given the long history and substantial network built up locally.

The office employs three people, one international country representative, one local head of administration and one driver. Moreover NIRAS employs around 20 people in ongoing projects.

Currently NIRAS implements two assignments in Laos, the Agrobiodiversity Initiative, the Energy and Environment Parrtnership and in addition two international training programmes on SEA and Urban Water Supply and Sanitation, where Laos is a participating country