How we hire

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From submission of application to interview and hiring.

We are always looking for talented, young people and experienced specialists and project managers.

When you have decided to apply for one of ourĀ vacant positions, the application process begins.

If you cannot find a position that is just the right match for your interests and qualifications, you are always welcome to submit anĀ unsolicited application.

Tell us about yourself

Your application is our first impression of who you are. That is why we ask you to tell us about yourself in your application:

  • What motivates you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What can your contribute?
  • Which are your best professional skills?
  • Why do we need you?

If your skills and experience match what we are looking for, we will invite you to an interview in which you will meet, among others, the manager of and colleagues from the relevant department. We sometimes perform personal analyses, not to look for your flaws but to determine if there is a solid match between us.

Welcoming programme

At NIRAS, you will find an environment in which challenging tasks, high skills levels, strong collaboration, and the joy of work are primary objectives.

We know that starting in a new job can be hard work, and that is why at the beginning you will be assigned to a colleague who will help you find your legs faster. You will introduced to your first work assignments, colleagues, and collaborating partners as well as the necessary work tools. You will also be invited for an introductory day where you will learn more about our organisation.

We look forward to meeting you.