NIRAS: Your Partner in Skills Development & Employment Promotion

Skills Development and Employment Promotion (SD & EP) play a key role in achieving national development visions and strategies. SD & EP are essential for promoting inclusive, sustainable, low-carbon economic growth at a local level and addressing global challenges like economic ­migration at the same time. Learn more about NIRAS' work in this field and what a partnership with us has to offer.

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NIRAS: Your Partner in Responsible Fund Management

Funds are a modality that can be moulded to fit many purposes, sectors and client requirements. NIRAS’ strength lies in the fact that we have the experience to both set up and manage the fund administration cycle, while having the technical know-how to do so in multiple areas. Learn why NIRAS is fast becoming the partner of choice for many donors looking for support through the entire fund lifecycle.

How NIRAS works with Framework Contracts

NIRAS has been managing EU Framework Contracts (FWC) for close to 20 years, implementing more than 300 short-term assignments worth over €30 million in excess of 100 countries. We apply integrated and innovative approaches in our work with the aim of achieving a higher level of stable human development, equitable economic and social empowerment, and inclusive, well-governed and climate-smart societies of the future.

NIRAS: Your Partner in Clean Water Management

NIRAS takes an integrated and holistic approach to water management, access, and final domestic or income-generating use. Our +250 in-house water professionals collaborate with over 500 external water sector specialists, implementing water-sector projects across the globe and interacting closely with NIRAS experts in agriculture, climate change, forestry and urban development.

NIRAS Development Consulting: Close to Half a Century Contributing to Sustainable Societies

Since the signing of our first development cooperation contract almost half a century ago, NIRAS has stayed true to its core mission of contributing to a better, more equal, and stable world. In this brochure, you will learn about our mission and values, our technical competencies, and some examples of projects where we take an integrated approach to find solutions that contribute to the SDGs.

NIRAS: Your Partner in Agriculture Sector Development

For more than 50 years, our results-oriented technical and project management expertise helps our partners in putting their agendas into practice. NIRAS provides technical assistance in the agriculture sector throughout Africa, South-East and Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Learn more about our services in our agriculture sector brochure.

Learn how NIRAS engages with the Sustainable Development Goals

Through the more than 2,000 projects that NIRAS’ experts help implement in well over 100 countries on an annual basis, we contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are publishing a series of brochures explaining how we work with SDGs that are most significant for our business.

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External Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative Phase 2

Indevelop has been contracted to undertake the External Evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative Phase 2, implemented by IDRC: inception and first interim reports

Strategic Environmental Assessment 2017 programme dates

SEA-ITP Publications

NIRAS is on behalf of Sida implementing a number of International Training Programmes. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is one of these.

SUWAS 2017 programme dates

SUWAS-ITP Publications

On behalf of Sida, NIRAS is implementing a number of International Training Programmes. Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation - Integrated Processes (SUWAS) is one of these.