Ethics and sustainability

Gender Analysis

Through the more than 7,000 projects, NIRAS provides its contribution to meeting the UN's sustainable development goals. In our own practice we emphasise accountability and ethics.

As a global company, NIRAS contributes to the solution of a range of significant current challenges. Our goal is to supply sustainable solutions in the many projects we handle for our clients. This way, NIRAS makes a dedicated effort to reach the 17 sustainable development goals created by the UN in 2015.

At the same time we emphasise responsible and sustainable actions in our own work.

NIRAS is linked to the UN Global Compact and to International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Through these, we have committed to upholding a number of international principles.

NIRAS works systematically with a Business Integrity Management System as a tool to prevent any kind of corruption and bribery. Our policy for the area is in accordance with the OECD and FIDIC recommendations.

Business Integrity

Statement on NIRAS Business Integrity and Ethics Policy (PDF)

NIRAS Integrity Management System (PDF)

Compliance unit

Description of NIRAS Compliance Unit (PDF)

Description of NIRAS Whistleblower Arrangement

Global Compact

Communication on progress (COP)

Communication on Progress 2021 (PDF)

Communication on Progress 2020 (PDF)

Communication on progress 2019 (PDF)

Communication on progress 2018 (PDF)

Communication on progress 2017 (PDF)

Communication on progress 2016 (PDF)

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Global Compact Certificate (PDF)

Climate Account

Climate Account 2021 (PDF)

Climate Account 2020 (PDF)

Climate Account 2019 (PDF)

Climate Account 2018 (PDF)

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Climate Account 2016 (PDF)

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Transparency in supply chains

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (PDF)


NIRAS Principles of Safeguarding