Carlsberg’s new head office in Denmark presents sustainable solutions

Carlsberg’s new head office

Carlsberg’s new head office is adapted to its historic surroundings by lowering the height of the building against the smaller houses and Carl Jacobsen’s mansion, and by designing the façade with multiple tiers. The result is a building that harmoniously blends in with its surroundings and from the inside has a view from almost every single workstation. Photo: Carlsberg.

The construction encompasses multiple green solutions, such as bamboo floors and facades made of recycled copper. Solar panels on the roof reduce energy consumption, and green rooftops contribute to collect rainwater, which is led into the lake in Carl Jacobsen’s garden. NIRAS has consulted on all engineering disciplines.

July 1, 2020
  • SDG: #7, #11
  • SECTORS: Building, Food & Beverage
  • COUNTRIES: Denmark
  • CLIENT: Carlsberg A/S
  • DURATION: 2015-2020
  • Scope: 23,270 m² (15,585 m² offices & 7.685 m² basement and parking)
  • Client consultant: EKJ Consulting Engineers
  • Contractor: Aarsleff
  • Architect: C.F. Møller Architects
  • Landscape: C.F. Møller Architects
  • Engineer: NIRAS

Carlsberg’s new headquarters, measuring 15,585 square meters, is located in the North-western corner of Carlsberg City District in Copenhagen. One of the building’s three wings creates a bridge over one of the district’s main roads, J.C. Jacobsens Gade, while the remaining two wings embrace Carls Jacobsen’s garden and mansion.

The building is a sustainable piece of construction with durable, long-lasting solutions made in natural materials.

Carlsberg Head Office Gulve Af Bambus
The floors inside are covered by either grinded concrete or bamboo, which are extra robust materials. The bamboo plant is fast growing, requires less water and absorbs more CO2 than traditional tree sorts. Photo: Tine Bek.

The beautiful copper façade is made up of 50 per cent recycled copper. The copper transmits memories back to the old copper kettles used for brewing beer, and simultaneously refers to the many elegant copper details on the historic buildings around the Carlsberg City District.

To reduce the energy consumption of the building, Carlsberg has installed solar panels on the roof and rooftops with grass, which contribute to collect rainwater that is subsequently led into the lake in Carl Jacobsen’s public garden. Rainwater that has been in contact with the copper is collected separately and rinsed before diverted.

Room for 700 permanent workstations and approx. 900 employees

The tallest point of the building is 18 meters from the top of Valby Hill. The four floors have a capacity for 700 employees. Beneath the building is a three-story underground parking garage.

Fleksible modefaciliteter
The office includes modern and flexible offices and meeting facilities as well as service functions, such as a canteen with its own production kitchen. Photo: Tine Bek

Responsible for all engineering disciplines

NIRAS has consulted on all engineering disciplines, sustainability, energy design, indoor climate, acoustics, and local rainwater diversion. Furthermore, NIRAS has been in charge of 3D-projection, inspections, design- and ICT management, as well as safety.


Carlsberg’s new head office is located on the same street as where the old Carlsberg brewery was originally founded in 1847 by brewer J.C. Jacobsen, and where Carlsberg Laboratory is currently located.

Oversigtstegning CF Moeller
One of the building’s three wings creates a bridge over one of the main roads in the district, C.J. Jacobsens gade, while the remaining two wings embrace Carls Jacobsen’s garden and mansion. Drawing: C.F. Møllers Architects .

For the first time in history, Carlsberg Laboratory will be physically connected to the headquarters with a hallway from the 1,685 square meter parking garage. The very first basements beneath Carlsberg were built concurrently with the original brewery in 1847, and have since been expanded by more than seven km. The Laboratory has however never been connected to the headquarters until now.

Brewer Carl Jacobsen was the only son of J.C. Jacobsen, and Carlsberg is named after Carl.

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