Podcast: Optimal integrity management for Offshore Wind Farms

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This podcast is about optimal integrity management for Offshore Wind Farms and is hosted by NIRAS together with representative from LICengineering now part of NIRAS, Hans-Jørgen Riber, Director, and Paul-Remo Wagner, Risk Engineer at Matrisk.

January 2, 2024

Listen to the podcast here

The podcast will be addressing the following:

  • A new and novel tool within risk integrity management support

  • How to evaluate structural integrity and reliability by combining a digital twin technology with risk-based management

Gain further insights from our webinar

Are you also interested in knowing more about how you can reduce cost during operation of wind farms by implementing Digital Twins in combination with Risk-Based Inspection planning, you can see the full version of the webinar NIRAS hosted together with LICengineering and Matrisk on December 12 2023.

Risk Integrity Management Support for Offshore Wind Farms

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Thor Ugelvig Petersen

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