Greenland is in our DNA

NIRAS has been working in Greenland since 1956 with permanent representation since 1960. NIRAS has solved a long list of various assignments such as infrastructure projects with airports and hydraulic power stations. Greenland was initially the company’s most essential market area, and we have from the beginning taken an active part in the evolution of the Greenlandic society.

Expert consultants with local knowledge

NIRAS’ core activities in Greenland include engineering services in the field of hydraulic power stations, airports, construction, oil supply systems, ICS control, additional infrastructure and mining.

Additionally, NIRAS provides consultancy services within sustainable solutions and implementation of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, environment and nature, city planning and economic analyses. We work in all parts of Greenland – from Nanortalik in the south to Station North. With many years of activities and project experience in Greenland, we have a long list of experts available with extensive expertise in Greenland and Greenlandic conditions. Our experts include engineers, geologists, biologists, economics, technicians, planners, etc. of which most have been living in Greenland for several years.