black and white 3D illustration of pipes running through a facility
The Point Cloud tool facilitate extensions of production plants in a highly time and cost efficient manner.

Advanced virtual tools create value for customers

NIRAS apply a series of advanced digital tools to facilitate design of production plants expansions and process upgrades. The speed and accuracy of the tools create increased value for our customers.

NIRAS use a series of digital tools when surveying for expansion or upgrade of our customers’ production plants. , For use at all design levels, whether it is civil, utility or process design, 3D scanning has proven to be a very efficient way of establishing drawings of existing production environment.

Using the GeoSlammer tool, NIRAS makes a 3-D scans of both the interior and exterior of factories and other productions plants, which gives an exact mapping of any given site.

Applying the created point cloud for further modelling, we can make a complete virtual model of any given facility.

Increased value for customers

The use of these digital tools facilitate the design processes, calculations, alterations and expansion of  production facilities.

The combined use of GeoSlammer scanning with state-of-the-art design tools is a highly time and cost efficient way of designing expansions or processing alterations in the food process industry. 

NIRAS made a scanning of a dairy process line in Denmark in relation to purchase and installations of new equipment. The scanning was made as part of detailed design work in order to tender the equipment.  

In another project, NIRAS scanned existing food production building and installations to be used in the design of a factory extension in Denmark.

The created point clouds were in both cases accurately and fast modelled into drawings in design software.