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The project aims to improve understanding and interest in GRB introduction at all levels of government.

Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

Stronger gender equality through policies and budgets

NIRAS helps to introduce gender responsive budgeting (GRB) processes at national and regional levels in Ukraine.

The goal of the project is to increase economic efficiency and transparency in budget allocations that takes into account the different needs of women and men through the introduction of gender responsive budgeting (GRB) in Ukraine.

The ultimate aim of GRB Project is to strengthen budget policy outcomes by adding gender and social perspective as an analytical category, contributing directly to the reform of public finance management in Ukraine.

The project aims at enhancing capacity of Ministry of Finance, selected line ministries, and oblast/city administrations to lead GRB work and improve understanding and interest in GRB introduction at all levels of government.

The main expected project outcomes are:

  • Selected line ministries introduce GRB in the budget process at the state level,
  • GRB introduced in the budget process at the level of oblasts,
  • Ministry of Finance applies GRB at the State and oblast level, and 
  • Relevant actors actively participate and support the GRB process.

The four outcomes relate to the improvements in the budget process within selected partner institutions and their implementation of GRB. The overall project approach is based on the best international practices.

First, it envisages the success of pilot GRB work at the level of pilot line ministries and oblasts. Second, it conceives the rolling-out of the pilot work toward a more comprehensive implementation which entails introduction of the necessary changes in the documents used in the budget process at the State and oblasts level. The project aim is for the 2019 budget to be the first gender aware budget in Ukraine.

Gender responsive budgeting is a tool that contributes to the equal allocation of public funds.

The project will build on the successes achieved within the public finance management reform and donor projects that have supported the reform. Furthermore the project will support the achievement of the State Program to Ensure Equal Status of Man and Women in Ukraine (2013-2016) objectives.

Last but not least, the project envisages additional major and sustainable innovations to the budget process and procedures that will include principles of gender equality. The project will cooperate with donors supporting the public finance reform (WB, GIZ, USAID and others) and with those actors working on gender equality initiatives, including GRB, (UN Women, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, and others) to maximize the impact of project activities.

The Project "Gender Budgeting in Ukraine" (the GRB Project) is funded by the Swedish Development Agency (Sida) and implemented by a consortium of two consulting companies: CPM and NIRAS.

The GRB Project operations are planned for 5 years (November 2013 – December 2018).

Read more about Gender Responsive Budgeting and the work done in Ukraine in the project website: