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From Education to Employment (E2E), Serbia

Youth Skills Development and Public Private Partnership

E2E created a network of local partners that act as bridge-builders between the youth, companies and training providers.

E2E creates a long-term, sustainable municipal-level system to increase youth employability and create a dynamic, modern and adaptive labour market in Serbia. E2E is active in municipalities of Novi Pazar, Knjaževac, Pirot, Kruševac and Kragujevac where it will test the best model of labour market intervention for increased youth employability replicable in other Serbian municipalities.

E2E vision is to provide decent job prospects for all young women and men regardless of their social status. We achieve our vision through promotion of modern active labour market and skills development measures, based on the Swiss model, adjusted to local needs.

E2E emphasizes work with vulnerable social groups – women, young offenders, Roma, rural youth, refugees, returnees etc. Each municipality will be testing ways to include a different group, and work towards identifying a nation-wide, replicable model with optimal results.

Network of local partners

At a local level, in order to help the youth efficiently prepare for jobs private sector needs, the E2E created a network of five local partners. They act as mediators and bridge-builders between training providers, companies and youth – setting up a system that would serve the community long after the project is over.

Our local partners offer services such as provision of labour market information, training programs, practical guidance and vocational counselling in school-to-work transition and mediation of work-based learning opportunities such as internships for youth.

E2E local partners work to develop at local level public-private development partnerships (PPDP) with companies, local government and training providers to develop and expand a market for non-formal trainings with work-based elements, that fits both the needs of the private sector and the young people.

Link with Government

Our unique E2E “bottom-up” approach and work in local communities feeds findings and know-how to Government of Serbia, through its Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit (SIPRU), and contributes to development of evidence-based employment and education policies of the Government of Serbia and other models of PPDPs.

E2E assists Serbia to apply successful elements of Swiss and other EU cooperation models in the field of dual VET education, non-formal training market, work integration/ social inclusion of disadvantaged groups and labour market mediation.

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