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From Education to Employment (E2E), Serbia

Youth skills development and public private partnership

E2E has created a network of local partners who act as bridge-builders between the youth, companies and training providers.

The vision of the Education to Employment (E2E) project is to provide decent job prospects for all young women and men in Serbia regardless of their social status. The vision is achieved through the promotion of modern active labour market and skills development measures, based on the Swiss model and adjusted to local needs.

Working with a network of local partners – mediators and bridge-builders between training providers, companies and youth – E2E aims to create a long-term, sustainable municipal-level system to increase youth employability and create a dynamic, modern and adaptive labour market in Serbia. The project is operational in the municipalities of Novi Pazar, Knjaževac, Pirot, Kruševac and Kragujevac where it tests labour market interventions for increased youth employability that are replicable in other Serbian municipalities.

The project emphasises work with vulnerable social groups – women, young offenders, Roma, rural youth, refugees, returnees etc. Each municipality tests ways to include a different group, and work towards identifying a nation-wide, replicable model with optimal results.


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