Tackling gender stereotypes and mainstreaming gender equality in six Eastern European countries

NIRAS contracted to deliver on-demand assistance to support reform efforts via the EU for Gender Equality (EU4GE) Helpdesk over a three-year period

25. Jan 2021

To tackle deep-rooted gender norms in Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, the EU has joined forces with the UN Population Fund and UN Women to launch a programme that challenges gender stereotypes and harmful practices against women and girls. The EU for Gender Equality (EU4GE) project is the first regional project covering gender equality and supports the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia, and Ukraine as they work with civil society to shift perceptions about gender roles and increase men’s participation in child care and the fight against gender violence. A key focus will be to promote the use of gender analysis in decision-making and reforms, policies and programmes to make sure effective and equal results benefit both women and men.

NIRAS will provide support and technical assistance in the form of the EU4GE Reform Helpdesk open to the relevant EaP country governments, EU Delegations and the Eastern Neighbourhood at large. Launched in 2021 and running for 3 years, our team will offer EU expertise on the inclusion of a citizen and gender perspective in planning and implementation of major reforms.

We envision a world where women and girls have access to full rights and opportunities, and we are committed to continuing our support to advance toward that goal by 2030. This is the time for men to step up and support the fight against harmful gender stereotypes and discriminatory practices. It is the time for decision-makers to implement gender-responsive polices and practices so that no one is left behind.

Alia El-Yassir, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, UN Women

Helpdesk services are concentrated in three areas: technical advice, capacity development, and knowledge development. In addition to providing on-demand support on how to conduct gender analysis, the EU4GE project aims to ensure staff in EaP governments and EU Delegations are better informed about the impact of gender-responsive reforms on inclusive and sustainable development and have improved capacity to develop evidence-based and analytically sound reforms. Equally important is the creation and dissemination of a sound evidence base, built from local and external knowledge, showing the positive impact of reforms on women in Eastern Neighbourhood countries and increasing knowledge sharing and learning around gender mainstreaming.