NIRAS evaluated an EU-funded project to increase agricultural production and productivity and improve food security at the household level in Eritrea.

March! A month to remember as NIRAS is successful in bidding for Framework Contract SIEA 2018

Taking the lead in one consortia and an active member in three others, NIRAS secures its position as the partner of choice for clients seeking to build future sustainable societies across the globe.

18. May 2018

March is generally a quiet month. Spring hasn’t quite arrived, at least in the western hemisphere, and the only people celebrating very much are Irish people raising a pint to St Patrick and supporters of International Women’s Day or World Water Day (of which there are many of us in the development space). But this year, March was a big month for NIRAS. The EU’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development announced the successful consortia tendering to deliver services under the Framework Contract targeting external aid (FWC SIEA 2018). In a fierce competition that was open to international organisations, NIRAS bid for and won four out of six lots in the SIEA, one as lead and three as a partner. We were also awarded the contract for lot 3 - Human Rights, Democracy and Peace - as lead for the consortia, but the award decision for all ten consortia in the lot was questioned and is still pending.

NIRAS has been managing EU FWC for close to 20 years, implementing more than 300 short-term assignments worth over €30 million in excess of 100 countries. The SIEA is a game changer for NIRAS because while in the past FWC were limited to assignments under €300,000, the maximum amount allowed for a specific contract has been raised to €999,999 going forward.

NIRAS will lead the consortia for lot 1- Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience. We are an active partner in three other consortia: Lot 2 - Infrastructure, Sustainable Growth and Jobs, Lot 4 - Human Development and Safety Net, and Lot 6 - Innovative Financing for Development.

Join our team

Thanks to NIRAS’ success in the SIEA, EU FWC will continue to be a cornerstone of our work. We are actively seeking new colleagues to join our team of knowledgeable, passionate experts and get involved in the many ground-breaking assignments this will lead to on a global scale. We are committed to building a local presence and long-term partnerships and SIEA will enable us to enlarge our office footprint around the world and build internal capacity. 

Download the 2018 NIRAS Framework Contracts brochure. 


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In 2015-2016 NIRAS provided technical assistance to ECOWAS to develop better technical and financial monitoring systems for EDF funded projects.