07. Nov 2018

Improving irrigation to strengthen food security and income from agriculture in Afghanistan

NIRAS just commenced collaboration in a consortium with lead partner Sheladia Associates to improve water availability for irrigated agriculture through better water distribution and management in the Panj-Amu River Basin.

05. Nov 2018

Lao PDR launches online platform to encourage agrobiodiversity conservation

The National Agriculture and Forestry Institute's Pha Khao Lao Agrobiodiversity Resource Platform was launched in September, with the aim of encouraging the protection of Lao PDR’s rich natural heritage.

30. Oct 2018

NIRAS completes multi-component training on Green Growth in Viet Nam

NIRAS-IP Consult has successfully trained over 200 staff from key Vietnamese institutions with the aim of creating a common understanding of green growth and the inclusive green economy.

25. Oct 2018

Report highlights NIRAS’s work contributing to the realisation of the SDGs

Together with five other consultancies, NIRAS is showcased in the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers’ recent communication, "Engineering a Better and Sustainable World".

12. Oct 2018

NIRAS-led flagship disaster management project in Turkey comes to an end

The Team-Up project focused on strengthening the institutions and processes of Turkey’s National Disaster Management Agency (AFAD).

10. Oct 2018

Building on core combined strengths – NIRAS Development Consulting and LTS merge

On the basis of mutual success, shared values, and a common vision of building a better, more equal, and stable world, LTS International Ltd and NIRAS Development Consulting have merged.

04. Oct 2018

Project kicks off to increase access to and awareness of nutritious food in Lao PDR

The newly launched four-year Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Programme will play a key role in the fight against stunting, wasting, and their root cause: malnutrition.

21. Sep 2018

FemBioBiz winners selected at the South Africa Innovation Summit

Chosen from over 500 entries, 32 women entrepreneurs and students competed for a chance to pitch at SLUSH, the annual leading startup event in Finland.

20. Sep 2018

Excitement as SAIS prepares to announce the winners of its Innovation Fund first call

The SAIS 2 Innovation Fund recently closed it first Call for Proposals. Of 149 applications, up to 14 projects targeting three specific funding windows will be selected for implementation in the five Southern African partner countries.

17. Sep 2018

NIRAS-led consortium wins NRM technical assistance contract in Zimbabwe

Promoting sustainable and climate resilient management of natural resources, the NIRAS–HessenForst Consortium launches work in Zimbabwe.

14. Sep 2018

Renowned humanitarian Mrs Graça Machel receives global accolade

Encouraging everyone to dig deep and unleash the potential of the changemaker within, Josina Machel, daughter of celebrated Mozambican Graça Machel, accepted the NIRAS-sponsored World Prize for outstanding contributions in the field of integrated development.

11. Sep 2018

NIRAS advises how Finland can help address the global learning crisis

NIRAS Finland issues its MFA-commissioned report - Stepping up Finland's Global Role in Education - on possible ways in which Finnish resources and knowledge can be used to address challenges to education

10. Sep 2018

As business pitches up in Kenya, NIRAS relocates to a funky new office

After relocating to a lively part of Nairobi, the NIRAS Kenya office is optimistic about the future and now houses three permanent staff members, several consultants and NIRAS Young Professional Academy (NYPA) participants on a regular basis.

01. Aug 2018

NIRAS selected to implement private sector development programme in Zambia

The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has selected NIRAS to manage the implementation of the Accelerated Growth of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Zambia programme, which will utilize funding and capacity development to stimulate economic development in Zambia and foster trade cooperation between Zambia and Finland.

23. Jul 2018

Looking beyond tomorrow: NIRAS consolidates its fund management expertise

The use of innovative financing mechanisms such as grant and challenge funds as an efficient tool to achieve development results has been gaining popularity in recent years. As a natural extension of our recognised experience in managing such funds, NIRAS recently took the strategic decision to mobilise all its development financing resources into a Fund Management Unit.

18. Jul 2018

African Union tackles youth unemployment challenge with pilot project in seven countries

NIRAS was recently awarded a four-year contract to manage a new financing facility aiming to strengthen skills development particularly among young people in Africa.

22. Jun 2018

First TA for EU Programme to Support Morocco's Forestry Policy Ending

After 50 months of implementation by NIRAS, it is time to close the EU Forestry Policy Support Program (PAPS-Forêts) in Morocco.

Women in the market of Djenné, Mali
22. Jun 2018

PACEPEP - creating sustainable employment in Mali

Through value chain interventions, PACEPEP created and consolidated thousands of jobs, which helps staunch the migration out of Mali.

22. Jun 2018

Thermal Power in Chile Has Potential to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

CHP generation in Chile could make more efficient use of thermal fuels, but remains under-utilized. GIZ and NIRAS-IP aim to do something about it.

22. Jun 2018

NIRAS America Latina is a reality!

NIRAS has registered a new company in Bogotá, Colombia. NIRAS America Latina will support NIRAS’ growth in the Latin-American market and have dedicated staff to the Framework Contracts Unit.

22. Jun 2018

NIC market team and gender experts take part in this year’s European Development Days

Under the overarching theme of "Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development", NIRAS joined discussions at EDD on how to better strengthen work in all sectors towards gender equality and human rights.

22. Jun 2018

NIRAS expands our dedication to develop young talents

While the second NYPA group is already half way through their training, we have welcomed a new group at the NYPA programme in Belgrade.

30. May 2018

Improving rural livelihoods with profitable and innovative farming

Through the more than 50 projects NIRAS manages in the agricultural sector, we are helping rural populations across the globe lift themselves out of poverty, creating promising futures for future generations and minimizing migration to urban areas and abroad.

18. May 2018

March! A month to remember as NIRAS is successful in bidding for Framework Contract SIEA 2018

Taking the lead in two consortia and an active member in three others, NIRAS secures its position as the partner of choice for clients seeking to build future sustainable societies across the globe.

04. May 2018

With support from NIRAS, Kenya’s TVET Authority successfully launches its strategic plan

In mid-April, Kenya’s new five-year plan for the country's technical vocational education training (TVET) sector was launched. NIRAS played a supportive role through six months of interviews and planning.

02. May 2018

NIRAS a Lead Supplier in the UK Cross Whitehall Prosperity Fund Framework

NIRAS has successfully entered in three lots of the UK Cross Whitehall Prosperity Fund Framework: Energy, Future Cities and Infrastructure.

02. May 2018

Work-based learning creates new jobs for youth in Kragujevac

E2E finds a formula for success in youth employment.

02. May 2018

Strengthening the impact of RBA and Gender Mainstreaming in the EU

NIRAS provides technical expertise to DG DEVCO for implementation of a Rights Based Approach to development with special focus on gender equality.

02. May 2018

NIRAS Fund Management Unit moves into Development Finance

NIRAS using its strength in Fund Management to move into Development Financing.

26. Apr 2018

Renowned humanitarian Mrs Graça Machel awarded World Prize for Integrated Development

Panel of respected international development experts select celebrated former First Lady to Mozambique and South Africa to receive NIRAS-sponsored accolade.

19. Apr 2018

Facilitating regional collaboration and growth of changemakers

In just ten months, the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme has piloted collaboration between innovation hubs in Namibia and Botswana and boosted five young enterprises all the way to the global start-up event Slush in Finland.

18. Apr 2018

NIRAS increases academic dialogue between Denmark and MENA-countries

NIRAS has successfully finalised project supporting academic cooperation and dialogue between Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa region.

04. Apr 2018

NIRAS to continue management of the Danish Peace and Stabilisation Response

When Danish experts go abroad to observe elections and handle crisis situations, NIRAS will watch over them and manage their stay.

20. Mar 2018

NIRAS completes project on protection of marine environment in Turkey

NIRAS Poland successfully completed 2-year project aimed at achieving Good Environmental Status in Turkey’s marine environment in alignment with the EU.

08. Mar 2018

NIRAS international trainee program accepting new applications

NIRAS Young Professional Academy will be further expanded this June with new participants representing both development consulting profiles and profiles representing other sectors of NIRAS.

A smiling woman and man shaking hands
07. Mar 2018

NIRAS is supporting Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

Celebrating the International Women’s Day, we are introducing one of our projects building more gender equal world.

02. Mar 2018

NIRAS is gaining a firm foothold in the Egyptian water sector

A NIRAS Poland-led consortium recently won a 4.2 million EU-contract aimed at supporting Egyptian authorities in fundamental water sector reforms.

02. Mar 2018

NIC starts groundwork to establish NIRAS Asia in the Philippines

A new office in Manila will soon expand NIC’s tender capabilities and presence in Asia. Despite a local focus, the team will work with all of NIC.

02. Mar 2018

Ministers Endorse new environmental agenda for the Greater Mekong Subregion

The Core Environment Program, implemented by NIRAS, organized the 5th GMS Environment Minister’s Meeting, where the ministers approved a 5-year plan.

30. Jan 2018

TAIEF shares EU environmental policy experience with partner countries

For four years TAIEF has supported 82 events around the world, assisting the EU in promoting Europe’s global leadership in environmental policy.

23. Jan 2018

Study to help transition sugar firm employees to independent farmers

EU in cooperation with NIRAS determines the best operational model for transitioning redundant GUYSUCO employees into independent, sustainable farmers.

16. Jan 2018

Multiple benefits reported from Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia

The project site for the Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia has become a regional role model, as the project has brought along with it multiple benefits for all community members including poor and rich, young and old, workers and unemployed, as well as disabled people.

21. Dec 2017

New contract won within fruitful Innovation Partnership Programme in Vietnam

The Innovation Partnership Programme (IPP) in Vietnam is succeeding in accelerating success for private sector start-ups in Vietnam. Now, NIRAS has won one more contract within the programme.

21. Dec 2017

Job creation in Mali in the political spotlight

The future of Africa depends on job creation for a historically high number of young people in order to prevent migration to Europe.

04. Dec 2017

NIRAS’ project on gender budgeting in Ukraine presented as best practice at the IMF Gender Equality conference

Since 2013, NIRAS has worked on a project to introduce gender budgeting with the aim to increase gender equality through policies and budgets in Ukraine. This project was presented by Country Director Catharina Schmitz at the Peer Learning Conference on Gender Equality in Kigali in order to share knowledge and inspire other African countries.

Camera man filming journalist and man talking
16. Nov 2017

New digital media house will strengthen independent journalism in Ukraine

The focus is on news broadcasting and independent journalism, when NIRAS, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle Academy and BBC Media Action, are preparing to establish a new, modern and digital media house for the Ukrainian public service television station UA:PBC.

09. Nov 2017

Report: NIRAS at the yearly Committee on World Food Security

Growing hunger due to conflicts is displacing millions from their homes around the world. The connection between conflicts and food insecurity was in focus at the 44th conference of the Committee on World Food Security, where NIRAS participated as observers.

09. Nov 2017

Joint efforts of NIC Poland and Serbia on EU Projects in Serbia

New project awards as a result of across office interrelation sets Euro 2020 Strategy goals high.

09. Nov 2017

New digital media house will strengthen independent journalism in Ukraine

The focus is on news broadcasting and independent journalism, when NIRAS, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle Academy and BBC Media Action, are preparing to establish a new, modern and digital media house for the Ukrainian public service television station UA:PBC.

09. Nov 2017

NIRAS wins two long-term projects in Ethiopia

Two NIRAS experts have taken up long-term spots in the AgroBIG programme while another NIRAS-team will help Ethiopia build up its land administration.

09. Nov 2017

Stockholm World Water Week brings together water practitioners from all around the world

With an increasing lack of sustainable water sources around the world, this year’s Stockholm World Water Week focuses on creating new ways of reducing water use without reducing quality of life, and reusing wastewater in safe manners.

Boat sailing on a big river
22. Jun 2017

Protecting millions of lives in Myanmar from climate disasters through weather systems integration

The Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project, funded by the World Bank, seeks to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor people who are susceptible to water-related disasters in Myanmar. NIRAS is leading the way on integrating and modernizing the region’s complex meteorology and hydrology observation systems.

Industrial energy audit in Bolivia
31. May 2017

Affordable and sufficient energy to the people of Bolivia

Bolivia faces great challenges in providing sufficient energy at affordable prices to its population. IP Consult – Part of the NIRAS Group - will support the implementation of a new energy efficiency programme as well as foster training and education in the country.

Abandoned house in forest landscape
02. Mar 2017

Nepali government approves Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST)

Biomass energy is the most important source of energy in Nepal. While the country still possesses large biomass resources, the level of its use has been unsustainable.