26. Feb 2021

Delivering in challenging times through an adaptive, digital approach

NIRAS and a team of experts managed to conduct an in-depth evaluation of EU-SADC cooperation under the grip of COVID19, while expanding their own skills and approach simultaneously.

09. Feb 2021

Ugandan civil society representatives participate in interactive online-trainings in eight highly relevant topics

In light of COVID restrictions on face-to-face learnings, NIRAS developed extensive e-learning modules to support the GIZ Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme.

25. Jan 2021

Tackling gender stereotypes and mainstreaming gender equality in six Eastern European countries

NIRAS contracted to deliver on-demand assistance to support reform efforts via the EU for Gender Equality (EU4GE) Helpdesk over a three-year period

20. Jan 2021

A window of collaborative, creative thinking dives into the future and its relevance for evaluation

Hosted by NIRAS, UNESCO, and the European Evaluation Society, the first Futures Literacy Lab examined how evaluators can “use the future” in their work and the role of evaluation in future societies.

02. Dec 2020

“Investing for Employment” Facility launches in Tunisia and Côte d’Ivoire

Public and private sector applicants seeking grant funding for projects to create jobs, improve working conditions, and increase skills are invited to submit applications under two new calls.

23. Nov 2020

Flexible funding ensures grantees are firmly in the ‘driver’s seat’ of the Ford Foundation’s initiative to strengthen social justice around the globe

In its interim report evaluating the Building Institutions and Networks (BUILD) grant-making programme, NIRAS highlights key learnings that continue to guide a shift toward more versatile, grantee-centered support.

09. Nov 2020

Great recognition of achievements being made in growing the skills of Serbia’s young job seekers

Receiving accolades and municipal funding for training, the Education to Employment project is winning hearts and minds with its bridge-building model connecting the youth, companies and training providers.

06. Nov 2020

Building agricultural supply chains that are more equitable for smallholders

How the merger between LTS and NIRAS is widening the scale and scope of transformative differences we can make

22. Oct 2020

Harnessing the potential of digital data in support of the SDGs in a smart, efficient, and safe way

Tapping into the insights of global technical experts and development practitioners, the newly released Frontier Data Study provides inspiration and instruction on how to engage with the latest opportunities with digital data and emerging technologies.

21. Oct 2020

Joint UK-Kenyan project blends earth observation data with local stakeholder input to support the sustainable supply of sand and aggregates in Kenya

With the global demand for sand increasing, NIRAS is excited to be part of a team to develop a more sustainable system for the management of this important resource.

20. Oct 2020

Strengthening women’s economic empowerment in Asia-Pacific by supporting greater gender equality in the selection of suppliers

NIRAS team begins mapping existing practices, preparing recommendations and developing tools to ensure procurement is more gender-responsive

15. Oct 2020

8 ways to strengthen your inclusive innovation training programme

Created in partnership with Bopinc, the latest SAIS 2 knowledge product aims to share lessons learned and best practices around training on how to include underserved groups in the development of new products and services.

23. Sep 2020

Marking seven years of success, the gender-responsive budgeting project comes to a close with a big win in Ukraine’s new budget law

Joining an elite few countries that have mainstreamed gender considerations into their national budgets, 35% of Ukraine’s key spending units underscored gender equality in their requests for state budget funds.

17. Aug 2020

Boosting Kenyan businesses to spur inclusive growth

In cooperation with the World Bank, the Kenyan Government has initiated a project to strengthen the country’s economy through small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In a joint venture with Intellecap, NIRAS will support select businesses through capacity-building and performance-based funding.

14. Aug 2020

Three years in the running, a green economic growth programme in Indonesia is delivering on its pledge to help scale up environmentally friendly enterprises

The aim of achieving ecologically sustainable and equitable growth is within reach of Papua Provinces as the green economy grows, yielding positive environmental and economic benefits.

Man touching a solar cell in Ethiopia
07. Aug 2020

Green People´s Energy ‒ enabling, expanding and securing the supply of sustainable energy in rural Africa

In the midst of the current political and health crisis in Ethiopia, a market study is underway to shed light on the situation and progress of solar irrigation in the country.

Group of women staring at paper
28. Jul 2020

An alternative to illegal wildlife trade? Laotian communities tap into rattan, the new “green gold”, for income

In a national park where poaching and small-scale logging are serious concerns, the abundance of a naturally renewable palm in the wild can be part of the solution.

Woman ordering baked goods from another woman with a blurred out face
16. Jul 2020

Improved social protection policies and greater inclusion of vulnerable groups enable opportunities for a higher standard of living in Serbia

Three-year EU programme supported initiatives to raise social welfare standards through innovative instruments.

Cartoon people holding up puzzle pieces
15. Jul 2020

Ambitious project kickstarts its work to streamline data on education, labour market and social policy across North Macedonia

Transitioning to a more productive economy, the Balkan nation is committed to addressing issues that perpetuate low quality education and persistent youth unemployment.

People in conference
13. Jul 2020

Simplified procedures net savings of more than €5 million annually in Serbia

Coming to a successful close, a NIRAS-implemented EU project has led to an updated regulatory framework that improves the business environment and facilitates free market competition.

Boy cutting wood pieces with a knife
10. Jun 2020

Paving the way for greater uptake of agroforestry farming systems

International practitioners call for greater access to finance, marketing and advisory services, alongside improved technical skills and supportive government policy to reach new markets.

Group photo of women
29. May 2020

Lots of hip hip hoorays as participants in the NIRAS Young Professionals Academy gather virtually to celebrate graduation

After two years of demanding but rewarding consultancy work in multiple offices around the globe, NYPA graduates take up positions in the organisation with a renewed spirit of collaboration.

Man looking at computer, with a bunch of wires besides him
25. May 2020

Big boost to efforts promoting expansion in Bolivia’s use of renewables and increased energy efficiency

A significant milestone is reached as key energy market players agree new indicators to measure, report and verify progress as part of the GIZ Renewable Energies Programme - PEERR.

Drawing of the balancing of work- and home life
14. May 2020

The European Institute of Gender Equality launches its online gender budgeting toolkit

NIRAS experts worked with the Institute to develop an innovative step-by-step guide to assist EU managing authorities in taking gender equality perspectives on board in EU funds programming.

Man and two women in an online meeting
13. May 2020

"Let's address the issues together": the EU reassures ASEAN youth of its commitment to the region

In a virtual talk with representatives of youth organisations from across Southeast Asia, the EU Ambassador to the ASEAN expresses solidarity with the region especially in its fight to preserve and promote biodiversity.

Boost up
12. May 2020

Skills development and networking programme open to early-stage startups trying to solve societal problems using technology

Coordinated by the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme (SAIS 2), Connected Hubs announces that the BOOST UP 2020 startup series is now taking applications.

Group photo
11. May 2020

Harnessing the energy and creativity of youth to build peace and reconciliation in Mali

Bringing together grantees from the Danish-funded ‘Drivers of Change’ project, the Embassy of Denmark praises the deployment of 2329 observers to monitor the election process in two voting rounds.

01. May 2020

External consultants highly rate experience of working with NIRAS

In the 2020 Expert Satisfaction Survey, NIRAS development cooperation experts provide encouraging feedback and offer insights into improving collaboration.

29. Apr 2020

Youth entrepreneurs in Indonesia receive a timely training on digital marketing and tools

Just before the Coronavirus pandemic struck the Papua province, highlighting the importance of having an online presence, 35 business owners received training on website development and the like as part of a private sector development programme.

27. Apr 2020

Delivering evaluation and learning to support adaptive management

NIRAS evaluates the UK Government’s Partnerships for Forests programme, supporting efforts to increase investment in sustainable forestry practices and land use

landscape photo
21. Apr 2020

In the midst of global chaos, a bright light shines on ASEAN efforts to curb biodiversity loss

Transboundary collaboration and greater technical resources to tackle poaching and other illegal activities provide a boost to much-needed conservation efforts.

09. Apr 2020

NIRAS UK team collaborates on global climate change mitigation indicator compendium

Building on our existing relationship with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the NIRAS UK team recently secured a new piece of work seeking to develop and promote best practice on results measurement indicators in climate mitigation projects.

banner for biomedical equipment
06. Apr 2020

Testing times for Ethiopia’s healthcare system

In this time of crisis, German efforts to strengthen the Ethiopian biomedical sector's capacity through improved training and equipment could not come at a more critical moment.

employees in the field
31. Mar 2020

Ensuring food security and tackling poverty through rehabilitated irrigation and application of agroecology principles

Despite uncertain times due to COVID-19, our dedicated Wat4Cam team is working to increase farmers’ revenues through more sustainable agricultural practices, strengthened value chains and improved water efficiency in five provinces in Cambodia.

27. Mar 2020

Combatting trade in illegal wildlife through awareness raising and a better understanding of consumer behaviour

NIRAS research team puts a “price tag” on the cost of losing Filipino priority species to poaching and develops a communication strategy to reduce demand and teach the public about the harm illegal wildlife trade causes.

books about gender in economics
26. Mar 2020

Understanding economics through a gender lens

Kosovo’s University of Prishtina launches a new Gender and Economics course for students attending its prestigious School of Economics

people at an event
10. Mar 2020

Strong turnout for parliamentary workshop on strengthening governance in Malawi’s agriculture sector

As part of an effort to ensure government listens to and acts on the concerns of rural populations, EU-funded interventions are supporting legislators in their role as overseers of public accountability

group photo
14. Feb 2020

Strengthening the capacity of SMEs to realise impactful business solutions for underserved markets

The Southern Africa Innovation Support programme offers workshop on inclusive innovation to combine profit generation with making a positive impact on the lives of marginalised people in the SADC region

group photo
13. Feb 2020

Introducing energy efficiency into the design and construction of social housing in Bolivia

State housing agency receives training on the latest approaches to integrating sustainable energy solutions into building construction

renewable energyg
11. Feb 2020

Paving the way for large-scale infrastructure investments to secure the transformation of Indonesia’s energy sector

NIRAS kickstarts project supporting cross-cutting efforts to develop sustainable and efficient energy policies and investments

person signing a painting
27. Jan 2020

Paving the way for increased competitiveness among Zambia's artistic community

NIRAS explores challenges facing the country’s arts and culture sector in its effort to transform creative industries into new business opportunities

15. Jan 2020

Improving the competitiveness of Paraguay’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

Brewhouse launch party in Asunción kickstarts project to bolster business climate for job creators

23. Dec 2019

NIRAS outlines new ways and methodologies to help SADC Member States improve access to modern energy services for their citizens

Review successfully delivered on the Regional Energy Access Strategy and Action Plan, which aims to achieve universal Tier 3 energy access - aligned with SDG 7 - by 2030

group photo EIB
04. Dec 2019

EU Bank launches long-term financing scheme to support agri-food sector in Ukraine

The Ukraine agri-food APEX loan makes very substantial resources available to companies, financial institutions, and public sector entities to increase productivity and profitability in select value chains.

huts in a desert area
29. Nov 2019

Regional Migration Fund mobilised to support migrants in the Horn of Africa

To help address the root causes of migration and the needs of those in search of a better life, KfW is financing projects to enhance the economic potential of border areas while also improving the socioeconomic inclusion of refugees and host communities

four men in front of parked busses
28. Nov 2019

Well-attended ceremony marks handover of several transport vehicles to Ethiopia's Federal Technical and Vocational Education Training Agency (FTA)

As part of the Ethio-German financial support programme targeting vocational education and agricultural training – now it its fourth phase – the German Government donated 13 mini and 16 coach buses to support Ethiopia in its efforts to bolster the TVET sector.

People at a celebration
26. Nov 2019

Connecting five million Ukrainians with high-quality administrative services

With the latest opening of an Administrative Service Centre in Bobrovytsya, the U-LEAD project is on track to meet its goal of bringing government services closer to the citizen

Lit letters. UNLEASH
20. Nov 2019

UNLEASHing youth innovation to meet SDG challenges

NIRAS’s Pi Arnth Petersen joined other 35-and-unders at the annual UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Shenzhen, China, to brainstorm next generation solutions to enable positive change.

Group photo in South Africa
13. Nov 2019

BOOST UP finalists prepare for trip to Finland

After undergoing a rigorous series of trainings, this year’s BOOST UP startups are preparing for their final step in the process, a trip to Finland on 13-24 November 2019 to attend Slush, Europe’s premier startup festival.

Open defecation free community. ODF celebration
31. Oct 2019

Celebrations throughout Ayachi and Torit East counties as villages achieve open-defecation free status

The milestone comes after the Water for Eastern Equatoria Project worked with communities to build sanitation facilities, improving the health and quality of living standards for 2,000 households.

people on coastal side
29. Oct 2019

Guyana revamps it sea and river defence and disaster risk management legislation

Following a year of consultation guided by a team of experts, draft rules addressing gaps and proposing a new comprehensive framework are currently under government review

woman holding up a sign
25. Oct 2019

Be Energy! campaign to increase energy efficiency kicks off in Colombian Caribbean

Targeted communication plan for the San Andrés and Providencia Archipelago aims to increase awareness about energy consumption and the use of renewables among locals

A person in a wheelchair switching on lights with his feet
23. Oct 2019

International Disability Alliance takes stock of achievements and challenges

NIRAS conducts evaluation of key player in the global disability movement to support its organisational learning process

Smiling woman working on a shoe
22. Oct 2019

Tanzania wins ‘Best Market Stall’ promoting women and youth at an EU Global Climate Change Alliance Regional event

Colourful display wins hearts showcasing efforts to reduce dependence on rain-fed agriculture by supporting craft and entrepreneurship

people looking at a piece of paper
21. Oct 2019

Exploring the frontiers of big data in development

NIRAS works with DFID’s Frontier Technologies Hub to understand how to use the most promising big data sources within the wider evolving data landscape

people at a conference
17. Oct 2019

Gender expertise influencing the EU policy agenda

NIRAS and a partner organisation developed research products and tools that are now helping to centre gender equality within the EU’s budgetary policy agenda

building facade on innovation center
15. Oct 2019

Science, technology, and innovation as the engine for growth in Mongolia

Asia Development Bank-funded project aims to strengthen STI systems with new roadmap and investment plan

Group photo in south sudan
11. Oct 2019

As a long-running water project wraps up in South Sudan, the community comes together to reflect and move forward

In a lively conference in early September, members of national and state governments, technical advisors, and programme beneficiaries gathered to review the progress made and discuss where to go from here

Pipe across a river in Sri Lanka
30. Sep 2019

Bringing international water expertise to Sri Lanka’s capital city

To reduce losses from spillage and error in Colombo’s water network, NIRAS experts mapped out the system and have begun the process of identifying where issues can be found

Group photo
23. Sep 2019

Chileans in Cologne for two-week training on combined heat and power (CHP)

A milestone in the GIZ project to foster CHP technologies in Chile was reached as the first cohort of professionals attended lectures and visited German facilities to learn more about these underutilised thermal fuels

people shooting occupational video
30. Aug 2019

An innovative tool to promote youth employability

The E2E's work-based learning video series helps spread the word among Serbia's unemployed youth about job training opportunities

landscape photo of a tree on the side of a road running through a field
23. Aug 2019

New research offers practical advice for improvement of sustainability in soy production

New research reveals the practices of ten consumer goods companies in the soy value chain. The study highlights key sustainability issues and offers practical recommendations for improvement to companies and investors.

people at world water week in Stockholm
22. Aug 2019

Water scarcity, peace, and development

At a time of increased water crises, NIRAS shares learnings from South Sudan, Somaliland, and The Gambia at Stockholm Water Week

people on a stage
20. Aug 2019

BOOST UP Windhoek today, Helsinki tomorrow

The Southern African Innovation Support Programme is building the entrepreneurial system in the SADC region through collaboration, training and pitching events

Landscape photo of lake and forest in China
15. Aug 2019

Major forestry governance programme in China launches phase two of operations

After a successful four-year run, the DFID-funded InFIT project received renewed support focussing on investments in the forest sector

tree stubs forming a half circle
25. Jul 2019

New GIZ sustainable water resource management project launches in Zambia

Starting in August, NIRAS will deliver technical assistance and capacity building services among smallholder farmers to improve the efficiency of water use in Zambia's agricultural sector

man in construction helmet
26. Jun 2019

Long-running fund management programme in the Greater Mekong Subregion comes to an end

Phase II of the EEP Mekong Programme was completed in May

water flowing into river
12. Jun 2019

Myanmar kicks off major infrastructure project in support of the farming sector

Earlier this month, the Agriculture Income Improvement Project was launched with the goal of irrigating hundreds of thousands of acres of land year-round and strengthening the ability of farmers in the region to support themselves

group of people smiling and holding pieces of paper in the air
28. May 2019

Celebration! as the second cohort of the NIRAS Young Professional Academy graduate

As the NYPA 2 term comes to a close, we toast the accomplishments of participants and look forward to their next steps

man speaking behind a podium
27. May 2019

NIRAS successfully launches a new important energy efficiency project in Turkey

Funded by the European Union, this 3.5M EUR project is a jewel in the NIRAS portfolio of energy projects and an important step for Turkey as it strives to develop a more efficient and sustainable economy

people outside in Uganda
16. May 2019

Addressing the urgent needs of refugees in Uganda

NIRAS has been chosen to take over management of a EUR10-million programme to support refugees in Uganda as it takes in more than one million people fleeing violence in South Sudan

man writing on a whiteboard
14. May 2019

Influential players gather to improve perceptions of Egypt’s technical and vocational education and training sector

Taking a systems-thinking approach, the NIRAS-led Social Perception Project is looking at innovative ways to turn around out-dated TVET attitudes

man working at Kilifi plantation
10. May 2019

Developing and deploying bioenergy solutions across Africa

Delivering good results in phase one, LTS, part of the NIRAS Group, is selected once again to lead a DFID project to increase investment in the bioenergy sector

People looking at a whiteboard showing a satellite image
08. May 2019

Summit on forest monitoring showcases latest satellite tools

Hosting a side event at the plenary jointly with the World Bank and the European Space Agency, LTS International presented its newly developed earth observation methods in the fight against forest degradation

Children playing football outside in Sudan
06. May 2019

NIRAS cooperates with UEFA on youth football project in South Sudan

A new project in South Sudan will use football as a tool to overcome ethnic divides and create peaceful development in a country torn apart by civil war.

abstract image of the globe and computer keyboard
30. Apr 2019

NIRAS launches Data Futures Hub in Jakarta

NIRAS is creating a world-leading centre of excellence for the use of data in development

man holding emergency kit on his head while giving a thumbs up
25. Apr 2019

Emergency kits distributed to 8,600 smallholder farmers

Hit hard by cyclone Idai, farmers in the Beira corridor region receive seeds from a German cooperation project to ensure food production during the second agricultural season

young man standing outside a chicken house
23. Apr 2019

Countrywide agricultural initiative in Kenya renewed for a further five years

Building on a successful first phase that ended in 2017, the contract for the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme II was signed in February this year to provide continued support to the Kenyan agricultural sector

flooded town
17. Apr 2019

NIRAS joins task force to chart a way forward for hard-hit city in Mozambique

A reconstruction plan will be drawn up for Beira, assessing the city’s greatest needs, estimating costs, and working to secure donor funding following the catastrophic cyclone last month

people working in rice field
16. Apr 2019

Large scale agribusiness initiative to benefit 565,000 smallholders in Uganda, Malawi, and Nepal

The Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA) programme seeks to catalyse change by increasing investment in agribusinesses that trade with smallholders, while increasing smallholder engagement and benefits from such investments.

birds on a branch
11. Apr 2019

Major conservation project in the Amazon extended for two years

The programme, which aims to improve the sustainable management of forest resources, has yielded strong positive results after four years, leading to its extension

four people looking at a computer
28. Mar 2019

NIRAS launches the implementation of its newest civil society support contract in Uganda

As part of a GIZ programme strengthening governance and civil society, NIRAS’s work aims to increase horizontal and vertical connections within civil society by fostering exchange between the state and CSOs.

panel speaking at the 10th business opportunities fair 2019
28. Mar 2019

Understanding and partnership are key: NIRAS tips on working with the ADB

At a panel on doing business with the Asian Development Bank, NIRAS's interim Asia-Pacific Director Antti Inkinen outlined our strategic approach

group photo
26. Mar 2019

Blue Oceans Conference: strengthening the integrated management of marine resources

Supporting the Embassy of Sweden in Monrovia in its partnership with the Government of Liberia and Conservation International, NIRAS helps launch the first Oceans Conference in West Africa to address some of the most critical challenges affecting the marine and coastal environments

Aerial view of flooded town
22. Mar 2019

All NIRAS staff members in Mozambique are safe after cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai caused a massive natural disaster and killed hundreds of people in southeastern Africa. After ensuring staff are safe, NIRAS is assisting in relief efforts and preparing the next steps together with clients and partners.

San Andrés coast
14. Mar 2019

Communications plan underway to support energy efficiency in San Andrés and Providencia Archipelago

NIRAS America Latina will lead communication and visibility efforts to promote an IDB initiative reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewables in the Colombian Caribbean

aerial view of plantation field
28. Feb 2019

Understanding the role of finance in creating a successful farming cooperative

An evaluation of AgDevCo’s support for Phata, a sugar cane-growing cooperative in Malawi, shows how well-managed private investment and grant funding can yield enormous benefits for farmers.

group photo
27. Feb 2019

A new vision for NIRAS operations in Africa

With the launch of a new NIRAS Africa Regional Office in Kenya, country representatives from the continent meet to discuss future plans.

group photo
24. Feb 2019

Exciting new report published on the Ford Foundation’s BUILD initiative to strengthen civil society organisations

NIRAS is engaged in the developmental evaluation of the grant-making programme aimed to understand whether the initiative is successfully achieving its objectives.

Group photo
22. Feb 2019

Twenty-four alumni from ITP SEA gather in Dar es Salaam for networking day

The International Training Programme on Strategic Environmental Assessment (ITP SEA) aims to strengthen SEA capacity in countries in Africa and Asia – the alumni seminar's goal was to motivate and inspire recent programme participants.

group photo around KFW sign
21. Feb 2019

NIRAS offers combined expertise in fund management and transboundary water infrastructure to SADC Water Fund

After a successful kick-off workshop at KfW Headquarters in Frankfurt, NIRAS launches support to the Southern African Development Community's Water Fund.

group photo
19. Feb 2019

Ambitious Ukrainian decentralisation project kicks off successful first week in Kyiv

U-LEAD programme represents a part of a larger framework contract, under which NIRAS will establish administrative service centres around Ukraine

people in front of flags
11. Feb 2019

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits TVET Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

NIRAS IP Consult has supported the Federal TVET Institute in Addis Ababa since 2014, providing training for teachers, developing materials, and assisting with equipment. Last month, the German President made a visit to the Ethiopian capital and toured the institute.

river with a strong current
30. Jan 2019

NIRAS conducts an exciting but challenging hydropower plant feasibility study in Sinoe County, Liberia

A team of experts is investigating the feasibility of establishing a small, EU-funded hydropower plant in Sinoe County, an hour or so inland from Greenville City, a small coastal community in Liberia.

Man cutting a big red ribbon
22. Jan 2019

NIRAS inaugurates its new office in Manila

Staff and guests were on hand to celebrate the expansion of NIRAS's operations in the Asia-Pacific with the opening of the most recent addition to our regional presence.

two men behind a podium
18. Jan 2019

OCEF launches a new call for proposals to increase electricity access in Benin

The second round of financing from the Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility (OCEF) offers EUR 17.5 million in the form of grants for organisations and enterprises developing and operating sustainable off-grid energy projects.

three children looking at a computer
15. Jan 2019

Apps and Girls receives funding to launch women’s IT training and online incubator

In-depth training on IT systems and entrepreneurship will help underprivileged young women find employment or launch their own enterprises.

woman hanging papers on a wall
20. Dec 2018

Celebrating 20 years of capacity development training

NIRAS marks two decades of designing and implementing International Training Programmes on behalf of Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

SLUSH stage
13. Dec 2018

NIRAS programmes produce two winners at Slush

The Safe Motherhood Alliance and AgriPredict, both from Zambia, have been chosen as winners of the Slush Global Impact Accelerator.

man and woman shaking hands
12. Dec 2018

Gender Economics to be offered at the University of Pristina

After an almost ten-month-long negotiation, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the University of Pristina and the Agency of Gender Equality, whereby the university will offer the subject Gender and Economics as part of a degree programme.

Group photo
08. Dec 2018

Helping to set the course for investments in sustainable development

NIRAS was invited to the World Economic Forum in Geneva to present ideas on the strategic future direction for the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership (SDIP), an initiative between major private, public, and philanthropic financiers to mobilise capital for investments contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Group photo
06. Dec 2018

Five years of gender-responsive budgeting success in Ukraine

A conference on the priority issues of implementing the gender budgeting at the local level in Ukraine was held in Kyiv and attracted over 100 participants from across the country. It was also a great opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of the Gender-Responsive Budgeting (GRB) Project in Ukraine – to eat cake and raise a toast in honour of five years of successful cooperation.

Group of people in a room
05. Dec 2018

Big win of Sida framework contract solidifies NIRAS’s presence in Ukraine

Implementing part of the Ukraine Local Empowerment, Accountability, and Development Programme (U-LEAD), NIRAS will set up administrative service centres in up to 574 communities across Ukraine.

People sitting at desk with laptops
16. Nov 2018

Viet Nam forestry project granted Golden Rice Flower Award

FORMIS, the forestry management information system, was recently recognised for its contribution to the development of agriculture and rural areas in Viet Nam.

Group of Afghan men gathered
07. Nov 2018

Improving irrigation to strengthen food security and income from agriculture in Afghanistan

NIRAS just commenced collaboration in a consortium with lead partner Sheladia Associates to improve water availability for irrigated agriculture through better water distribution and management in the Panj-Amu River Basin.

Food on plates
05. Nov 2018

Lao PDR launches online platform to encourage agrobiodiversity conservation

The National Agriculture and Forestry Institute's Pha Khao Lao Agrobiodiversity Resource Platform was launched in September, with the aim of encouraging the protection of Lao PDR’s rich natural heritage.

Woman giving a presentation
30. Oct 2018

NIRAS completes multi-component training on Green Growth in Viet Nam

NIRAS-IP Consult has successfully trained over 200 staff from key Vietnamese institutions with the aim of creating a common understanding of green growth and the inclusive green economy.

Children smiling at camera
25. Oct 2018

Report highlights NIRAS' work contributing to the realisation of the SDGs

Together with five other consultancies, NIRAS is showcased in the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers’ recent communication, "Engineering a Better and Sustainable World".

Group photo
12. Oct 2018

NIRAS-led flagship disaster management project in Turkey comes to an end

The Team-Up project focused on strengthening the institutions and processes of Turkey’s National Disaster Management Agency (AFAD).

Two men standing next to a man and woman who are shaking hands
10. Oct 2018

Building on core combined strengths – NIRAS Development Consulting and LTS merge

On the basis of mutual success, shared values, and a common vision of building a better, more equal, and stable world, LTS International Ltd and NIRAS Development Consulting have merged.

Child eating
04. Oct 2018

Project kicks off to increase access to and awareness of nutritious food in Lao PDR

The newly launched four-year Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Programme will play a key role in the fight against stunting, wasting, and their root cause: malnutrition.

Winners from the FemBioBiz pitching session in 2018
21. Sep 2018

FemBioBiz winners selected at the South Africa Innovation Summit

Chosen from over 500 entries, 32 women entrepreneurs and students competed for a chance to pitch at SLUSH, the annual leading startup event in Finland.

Three attendees of fireside chat
20. Sep 2018

Excitement as SAIS prepares to announce the winners of its Innovation Fund first call

The SAIS 2 Innovation Fund recently closed its first Call for Proposals. Of 149 applications, up to 14 projects targeting three specific funding windows will be selected for implementation in the five Southern African partner countries.

17. Sep 2018

NIRAS-led consortium wins NRM technical assistance contract in Zimbabwe

Promoting sustainable and climate resilient management of natural resources, the NIRAS–HessenForst Consortium launches work in Zimbabwe.

Josina Machel receiving the World Prize
14. Sep 2018

Renowned humanitarian Mrs Graça Machel receives global accolade

Encouraging everyone to dig deep and unleash the potential of the changemaker within, Josina Machel, daughter of celebrated Mozambican Graça Machel, accepted the NIRAS-sponsored World Prize for outstanding contributions in the field of integrated development.

Children sitting in classroom
11. Sep 2018

NIRAS advises how Finland can help address the global learning crisis

NIRAS Finland issues its MFA-commissioned report - Stepping up Finland's Global Role in Education - on possible ways in which Finnish resources and knowledge can be used to address challenges to education

Group photo of five people
10. Sep 2018

As business pitches up in Kenya, NIRAS relocates to a funky new office

After relocating to a lively part of Nairobi, the NIRAS Kenya office is optimistic about the future and now houses three permanent staff members, several consultants and NIRAS Young Professional Academy (NYPA) participants on a regular basis.

Three people brainstorming together using post-it notes
01. Aug 2018

NIRAS selected to implement private sector development programme in Zambia

The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has selected NIRAS to manage the implementation of the Accelerated Growth of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Zambia programme, which will utilize funding and capacity development to stimulate economic development in Zambia and foster trade cooperation between Zambia and Finland.

Men ironing fabric
23. Jul 2018

Looking beyond tomorrow: NIRAS consolidates its fund management expertise

The use of innovative financing mechanisms such as grant and challenge funds as an efficient tool to achieve development results has been gaining popularity in recent years. As a natural extension of our recognised experience in managing such funds, NIRAS recently took the strategic decision to mobilise all its development financing resources into a Fund Management Unit.

Man cutting fabric with scissors
18. Jul 2018

African Union tackles youth unemployment challenge with pilot project in seven countries

NIRAS was recently awarded a four-year contract to manage a new financing facility aiming to strengthen skills development particularly among young people in Africa.

Group photo
22. Jun 2018

First TA for EU Programme to Support Morocco's Forestry Policy Ending

After 50 months of implementation by NIRAS, it is time to close the EU Forestry Policy Support Program (PAPS-Forêts) in Morocco.

Women in the market of Djenné, Mali
22. Jun 2018

PACEPEP - creating sustainable employment in Mali

Through value chain interventions, PACEPEP created and consolidated thousands of jobs, which helps staunch the migration out of Mali.

Cables and piping inside of a modern industrial power plant
22. Jun 2018

Thermal power in Chile has the potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions

CHP generation in Chile could make more efficient use of thermal fuels, but remains underutilised. GIZ and NIRAS-IP aim to do something about it.

Aerial view of urban downtown in Columbia
22. Jun 2018

NIRAS America Latina is a reality!

NIRAS has registered a new company in Bogotá, Colombia. NIRAS America Latina will support NIRAS’ growth in the Latin-American market and have dedicated staff to the Framework Contracts Unit.

Photo booth shots of the NIC staff
22. Jun 2018

NIC market team and gender experts take part in this year’s European Development Days

Under the overarching theme of "Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development", NIRAS joined discussions at EDD on how to better strengthen work in all sectors towards gender equality and human rights.

Group photo
22. Jun 2018

NIRAS expands our dedication to develop young talents

While the second NYPA group is already half way through their training, we have welcomed a new group at the NYPA programme in Belgrade.

African woman standing by a vegetable stall
30. May 2018

Improving rural livelihoods with profitable and innovative farming

Through the more than 50 projects NIRAS manages in the agricultural sector, we are helping rural populations across the globe lift themselves out of poverty, creating promising futures for future generations and minimizing migration to urban areas and abroad.

Two cows
18. May 2018

March! A month to remember as NIRAS is successful in bidding for Framework Contract SIEA 2018

Taking the lead in two consortia and an active member in three others, NIRAS secures its position as the partner of choice for clients seeking to build future sustainable societies across the globe.

Two men standing next to a sign board
04. May 2018

With support from NIRAS, Kenya’s TVET Authority successfully launches its strategic plan

In mid-April, Kenya’s new five-year plan for the country's technical vocational education training (TVET) sector was launched. NIRAS played a supportive role through six months of interviews and planning.

3D illustration of the Earth planet with roads, buildings and nature elements
02. May 2018

NIRAS a Lead Supplier in the UK Cross Whitehall Prosperity Fund Framework

NIRAS has successfully entered in three lots of the UK Cross Whitehall Prosperity Fund Framework: Energy, Future Cities and Infrastructure.

Workers at factory
02. May 2018

Work-based learning creates new jobs for youth in Kragujevac

E2E finds a formula for success in youth employment.

Group photo of four people, one holding a champagne box
02. May 2018

Strengthening the impact of RBA and Gender Mainstreaming in the EU

NIRAS provides technical expertise to DG DEVCO for implementation of a Rights Based Approach to development with special focus on gender equality.

Icons of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
02. May 2018

NIRAS Fund Management Unit moves into Development Finance

NIRAS using its strength in Fund Management to move into Development Financing.

Portrait of Mrs Graca Machel
26. Apr 2018

Renowned humanitarian Mrs Graça Machel awarded World Prize for Integrated Development

Panel of respected international development experts select celebrated former First Lady to Mozambique and South Africa to receive NIRAS-sponsored accolade.

Group of people cheering
19. Apr 2018

Facilitating regional collaboration and growth of changemakers

In just ten months, the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme has piloted collaboration between innovation hubs in Namibia and Botswana and boosted five young enterprises all the way to the global start-up event Slush in Finland.

Exhibition at museum
18. Apr 2018

NIRAS increases academic dialogue between Denmark and MENA-countries

NIRAS has successfully finalised project supporting academic cooperation and dialogue between Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa region.

People on rigid-hulled inflatable boats on water
04. Apr 2018

NIRAS to continue management of the Danish Peace and Stabilisation Response

When Danish experts go abroad to observe elections and handle crisis situations, NIRAS will watch over them and manage their stay.

Group photo of people at a project closing event
20. Mar 2018

NIRAS completes project on protection of marine environment in Turkey

NIRAS Poland successfully completed 2-year project aimed at achieving Good Environmental Status in Turkey’s marine environment in alignment with the EU.

Group photo of participants from the NIRAS Young Professional Academy 2017-2019
08. Mar 2018

NIRAS international trainee program accepting new applications

NIRAS Young Professional Academy will be further expanded this June with new participants representing both development consulting profiles and profiles representing other sectors of NIRAS.

A smiling woman and man shaking hands
07. Mar 2018

NIRAS is supporting Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

Celebrating the International Women’s Day, we are introducing one of our projects building more gender equal world.

Aerial view of the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt
02. Mar 2018

NIRAS is gaining a firm foothold in the Egyptian water sector

A NIRAS Poland-led consortium recently won a 4.2 million EU-contract aimed at supporting Egyptian authorities in fundamental water sector reforms.

Six women holding hands, forming a star shape
02. Mar 2018

NIC starts groundwork to establish NIRAS Asia in the Philippines

A new office in Manila will soon expand NIC’s tender capabilities and presence in Asia. Despite a local focus, the team will work with all of NIC.

The Environment Ministers of the GMS countries holding hands in line
02. Mar 2018

Ministers Endorse new environmental agenda for the Greater Mekong Subregion

The Core Environment Program, implemented by NIRAS, organized the 5th GMS Environment Minister’s Meeting, where the ministers approved a 5-year plan.

Irrigated fields near Yamuna River in India
30. Jan 2018

TAIEF shares EU environmental policy experience with partner countries

For four years TAIEF has supported 82 events around the world, assisting the EU in promoting Europe’s global leadership in environmental policy.

Men driving a tractor on plantation
23. Jan 2018

Study to help transition sugar firm employees to independent farmers

EU in cooperation with NIRAS determines the best operational model for transitioning redundant GUYSUCO employees into independent, sustainable farmers.

Female NIRAS employee inspecting a check-dam in Ethiopia with local farmers
16. Jan 2018

Multiple benefits reported from Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia

The project site for the Tana Beles watershed project in Ethiopia has become a regional role model, as the project has brought along with it multiple benefits for all community members including poor and rich, young and old, workers and unemployed, as well as disabled people.

Woman talking at conference
21. Dec 2017

New contract won within fruitful Innovation Partnership Programme in Vietnam

The Innovation Partnership Programme (IPP) in Vietnam is succeeding in accelerating success for private sector start-ups in Vietnam. Now, NIRAS has won one more contract within the programme.

Three women posing with a gift box
21. Dec 2017

Job creation in Mali in the political spotlight

The future of Africa depends on job creation for a historically high number of young people in order to prevent migration to Europe.

The GRB conference panel sitting on stage
04. Dec 2017

NIRAS’ project on gender budgeting in Ukraine presented as best practice at the IMF Gender Equality conference

Since 2013, NIRAS has worked on a project to introduce gender budgeting with the aim to increase gender equality through policies and budgets in Ukraine. This project was presented by Country Director Catharina Schmitz at the Peer Learning Conference on Gender Equality in Kigali in order to share knowledge and inspire other African countries.

Camera man filming journalist and man talking
16. Nov 2017

New digital media house will strengthen independent journalism in Ukraine

The focus is on news broadcasting and independent journalism, when NIRAS, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle Academy and BBC Media Action, are preparing to establish a new, modern and digital media house for the Ukrainian public service television station UA:PBC.

People sitting in auditorium
09. Nov 2017

Report: NIRAS at the yearly Committee on World Food Security

Growing hunger due to conflicts is displacing millions from their homes around the world. The connection between conflicts and food insecurity was in focus at the 44th conference of the Committee on World Food Security, where NIRAS participated as observers.

People sitting at table at seminar
09. Nov 2017

Joint efforts of NIC Poland and Serbia on EU Projects in Serbia

New project awards as a result of across office interrelation sets Euro 2020 Strategy goals high.

Young woman giving a thumbs up in office
09. Nov 2017

New digital media house will strengthen independent journalism in Ukraine

The focus is on news broadcasting and independent journalism, when NIRAS, in cooperation with Deutsche Welle Academy and BBC Media Action, are preparing to establish a new, modern and digital media house for the Ukrainian public service television station UA:PBC.

Two smiling women next to a cardboard sign
09. Nov 2017

NIRAS wins two long-term projects in Ethiopia

Two NIRAS experts have taken up long-term spots in the AgroBIG programme while another NIRAS-team will help Ethiopia build up its land administration.

People mingling at Stockholm World Water Week
09. Nov 2017

Stockholm World Water Week brings together water practitioners from all around the world

With an increasing lack of sustainable water sources around the world, this year’s Stockholm World Water Week focuses on creating new ways of reducing water use without reducing quality of life, and reusing wastewater in safe manners.

Boat sailing on a big river
22. Jun 2017

Protecting millions of lives in Myanmar from climate disasters through weather systems integration

The Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project, funded by the World Bank, seeks to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor people who are susceptible to water-related disasters in Myanmar. NIRAS is leading the way on integrating and modernizing the region’s complex meteorology and hydrology observation systems.

Industrial energy audit in Bolivia
31. May 2017

Affordable and sufficient energy to the people of Bolivia

Bolivia faces great challenges in providing sufficient energy at affordable prices to its population. IP Consult – Part of the NIRAS Group - will support the implementation of a new energy efficiency programme as well as foster training and education in the country.

Abandoned house in forest landscape
02. Mar 2017

Nepali government approves Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST)

Biomass energy is the most important source of energy in Nepal. While the country still possesses large biomass resources, the level of its use has been unsustainable.