Young Scientists

Young Scientists

Young Scientists is the largest natural science talent competition in Denmark for children and teenagers. For more than 30 years, Young Scientists has given aspiring young talents the opportunity to work directly with scientific research and technological development. 

Junior contestants from primary school and senior contestants from high school compete in groups or individually based on a topic of their choosing. They can compete in the categories Life Science, Physical Science, or Technology. Through problem-based project work, contestants have the chance to explore their interests in science and develop their competencies together with Denmark’s most talented young scientists. 

Additionally, all primary school students can participate in a drawing contest – My Wildest Idea – which is especially popular among the youngest students. 

The vision behind Young Scientists is that all students should live up to their full potential – including the most talented students. With a professional, proclaimed jury to assess the projects and give feedback and sparring to the contestants, Young Scientists contributes to develop and inspire the next generation of natural scientists. 

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