Sustainable initiatives in NIRAS

In the latest account we reduced our climate impact per full-time employee with 15 %. Read about a small selection of the sustainable initiatives that we as a company have taken.



Electric vehicle charging station
With the goal of more environmentally friendly company cars, we are now leasing hybrid cars and offering our employees the choice of an electric car or a hybrid plugin as a company car. We have installed electric vehicle charging stations at our parking lot to give our employees the opportunity to opt for more sustainable means of transportation.

Waste sorting
In our offices in Allerød and Aarhus, we have centralised waste stations with waste sorting bins. One compartment for biodegradable waste, one for composable cups, one for liquids, and one for residual waste. This initiative aims to contribute to the environmentally friendly sorting trend, as well as to reduce the amount of waste and increase climate awareness among our employees.

Fostering biodiversity
We have adjusted the maintenance of our Allerød office grounds and planted a large amount of wild flowers to benefit insects. Additionally, we only cut the grass once a year for the sake of the animals. This way we contribute to the local biodiversity in a way that is almost cost free.

Solar power plants on the roof
Solar cells are a very effective way of producing renewable energy. We have a flat roof at the headquarters in Allerød, on which we have installed solar cells. I 2017, our solar cells produced 156.874 kWh, of which we utilized 149.142 kWh. This accounted for 14 per cent of our combined energy usage and reduced our CO2 consumption with approximately 27 ton per year.

Clothes swapping
Two of our employees have taken the initiative to establish a "clothes swapping library". Too much clothing ends up being discarded or thrown out, even if there is nothing wrong with it. We focus on the environmentally harmful clothing industry and on being better at utilizing resources by exchanging and recycling employees' clothing.

Optimisation of gas plant
In 2019, we installed a MicroTherm® on our gas plant, which is an intelligent regulation system that monitors the boiler’s heating and cooling times and subsequently adapts according to the current heating needs. With MicroTherm® we decrease our CO2 emissions by 73 tons per year.

LED-lighting in the office
We will substitute the light fixtures in our headquarters in Allerød, so the office has the possibility to regulate lighting according to the current daylight. This solution is not only economically beneficial to the tune of 1.110.000 DKK after the first ten years, it also reduces CO2 emissions.

Shredder for biodegradable waste in the canteen
We collect and shred the biodegradable waste from our canteen and transport it to a biogas plant where it is converted to bio pulp. Previously, biodegradable waste was transported to Hashøj biogas plant, but by transporting it to a new plant in Solrød, we save an additional 1892.1 kg CO2 eq per year. In 2017, food leftovers were utilised to produce 28.016 kWh electricity and 35.020 kWh heat.