multistorey building called the Eksercerpladsen

Attractive development at Eksercerpladsen in Copenhagen

NIRAS provides consultancy on building project comprising student and youth accommodation, penthouse flats, retail and cafés.

children paintings on the wall of a school

Materials from demolished school reused

Holbæk Municipality saved money and avoided environmental problems by focusing on resource utilisation in connection with the demolition of the school Brunhøjskolen.

Inside of art museum Kunsten with two men talking

Restoration of ‘Kunsten’ in Aalborg

A respectful restoration of the architectural gem by Alvar Aalto rates Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg as being among the best renovation projects in Denmark.

3D model of a building

Dairy and meat processing combined in Siberia

NIRAS modelled the new food plant for Kungurskiy Agroholding according to European standards for food safety and productivity.

Large building seen from the air

Historical investment in slaughterhouse lifted the Danish cattle industry

When Danish Crown decided to establish a new high-tech cattle slaughterhouse in Holsted, Denmark, it was by far the largest single investment in the Danish cattle industry ever.

3D model of a building

Master plan for a new future-proof meat processing plant

NIRAS assisted the largest food producer in Ecuador, PRONACA, establishing a meat processing plant according to European standards.

People working with white working clothing on

Extensive experience ensured the successful expansion of a factory in Poland

Poland is the location of one of the world’s largest salmon processing factories. NIRAS played a key role in the 10,000-square-metre expansion of the factory.


Pharmaceutical factory got complete cooling system in a third of the time

Despite an extremely tight schedule, NIRAS succeeded in delivering a solid, state-of-the-art cooling system for a pharmaceutical factory. The system is a modular construction.

Papers and lines connected on a floor indoor

Central warehouse frees money and staff in Region Zealand

Analyses from NIRAS reveal that the establishment of a central warehouse for its hospitals will be extremely beneficial for both patients and Region Zealand.

Man working on a visualization on his computer screen

State-of-the art cold store built with production still running

In the midst of operations and subject to the strictest health and safety requirements, NIRAS built a highly efficient cold store for a busy pharmaceutical company.

four tanks for beer

Analyses of assets reduced risk when purchasing breweries

The acquisition of breweries requires analysis of the brewery's condition and the anticipated need for investment. NIRAS assisted on a extensive project in Asia.

Africans gathered in a circle

Water for Eastern Equatoria (ProWaS/SSN-EES)

Water resource management project in war-torn South Sudan is a good example of NIRAS’ capacity to work successfully even under challenging and rapidly changing conditions.

Children playing chess on blue table

Sida Framework Agreement for Evaluations

NIRAS manages and undertakes evaluations and provision of evaluation related services for Sida.

A herd of cows and camels

EU Framework Contracts

Since 2000 NIRAS has managed EU Framework Contracts, implementing more than 250 short-term assignments worth more than €28 million in over 100 countries. These projects, which span many sectors, seek to reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development, and promote democracy, peace and security.

African woman standing on scene

Funds for Information Society development

Innovation Fund supports emerging entrepreneurs and stimulate the development of innovative technology products and services in Tanzania.

Boat sailing in a river

Hydrometeorology in Myanmar

The Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project, initiated by the World Bank, seeks to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor people who are susceptible to water-related disasters in Myanmar. NIRAS is leading the way on integrating and modernizing the region’s complex hydrometeorology systems.

Lake in savannah landscape

Shire River Basin Institutional Planning and DSS Support

The basin development project assists the Government of Malawi in developing an integrated multi-sectoral Shire River Basin Plan based on extensive analytical and stakeholder inputs.

Solar panels on a field

Energy efficiency in Bolivia

Bolivia faces great challenges in providing sufficient energy at affordable prices to its population. IP Consult – part of the NIRAS Group- supports the implementation of a new energy efficiency programme and foster training and education in the country.

African people looking on map on savannah

Land registration in Ethiopia

NIRAS has assisted the Ethiopian government with developing methods for rural land registration through “The Responsible and Innovative Land Administration in Ethiopia project” (REILA). The project has resulted in efficient and gender equal land registration, and its methods have been officially adopted by the Ethiopian government as the formal procedure for registering rural land throughout the entire country.

African men farming a field

Local Investment Climate (LIC) in Tanzania

LIC project invests in agriculture and facilitates Public Private Dialogue in order to improve business environment for small companies.

People sitting around an oval table

From Education to Employment (E2E), Serbia

E2E created a network of local partners that act as bridge-builders between the youth, companies and training providers.

Old woman and man greeting each other

Stabilisation and capacity building in fragile states

The Peace and Stabilisation Response (PSR) is an emergency roster managed by NIRAS under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) that can be used to deploy civilian experts to hotspots where stabilisation, peacekeeping and democracy-building efforts are needed.

Asian people looking at corn

Agro-biodiversity in Laos

Managed by NIRAS, The Agro-Biodiversity Initiative (TABI) in northern Laos has improved rural livelihoods alongside preserving the biodiversity of natural resources for sustainable growth. TABI’s landscape planning methods are participatory in nature, meaning they give responsibility and ownership to local communities to ensure biodiversity-rich practices continue in the long run.

Niras employee and Uganda coffee farmer picks coffee beans

Climate resilient coffee value chain in Uganda

Ugandan coffee farmers will earn more money when NIRAS helps farming families to produce high-quality coffee for export. Consequently, coffee farmers are trained to combat climate change that threatens coffee production in the area.

Vietnamese women sitting on bench behind banner

Innovation and Partnership Programme (IPP) in Vietnam

New, innovative growth companies focused on export markets comprise one of the target groups of the Innovation and Partnership Programme (IPP) in Vietnam.

People in fine clothes standing in office

Technical Assistance to Support Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Azerbaijan

NIRAS supports the Ministry of Education in the implementation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) program in Azerbaijan.

View over city with large lake and blooming flowers

Gender Responsive Budgeting in Ukraine

NIRAS helps to introduce Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) processes at national and regional levels in Ukraine.

Wooden stand with vegetables

Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme in Kenya

ASDSP project aims to increase the agricultural sector’s contribution to the national economy and to improve livelihood in rural areas in Kenya.

Three stations with connected pipes

Dynamic master plan provides an idea for the future of Indochina

NIRAS is responsible for the development of a dynamic master plan for industry enterprises. In the country the model was used successfully to create future scenarios for the country’s largest brewery.

Man walking between tanks

Experience and knowledge of the industry ensured an easy relocation of the historical brewery

A competitive tender and a structured approach meant that a complicated relocation of a brewery in city was achieved on schedule and on budget.

A new international school in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district

Copenhagen’s largest school has moved to its own peninsula in Nordhavn with a façade made up of solar panels.

Windmills in sunset at open water

Taiwan focuses on offshore wind turbines

The first offshore wind farm in Asia will be constructed in the Taiwan Strait, and within a few years do its bit toward supplying the island state with green energy.

Train in motion on rails

Noise mapping provides options for new bridge

The Danish Road Directorate and the Danish State Railway have reached a great level of flexibility and an excellent dialogue based on noise mapping from the new Storstrømsbro.

Cars driving on a road between mountains

A broad perspective is the key

Establishing the best possible agreement between client and contractor all comes down to the detail of the proposal. The framework of the Riksveg 4 extension in Norway is being set.

Windmills in sunset at open water

Taiwan is investing in offshore wind turbines

Asia’s first offshore wind farms are to be built in the Taiwan Strait and within a few years they will supply the island state with green energy.

Offshore wind turbines must withstand typhoons and earthquakes in Taiwan

Many new offshore wind farms are soon to be constructed in Taiwan and at these latitudes the turbine foundations must be able to withstand severe earthquakes and yearly typhoons.

Boat sailing in front of wind mills

Competitive wind energy

Two new wind farms – Borssele 3 and 4 – are to be built in the North Sea off the Dutch coast. Steel can be saved by using the latest knowledge about offshore technology.