Taiwan is investing in offshore wind turbines

Asia’s first offshore wind farms are to be built in the Taiwan Strait and within a few years they will supply the island state with green energy.

People looking at a map in Ethiopia
Land Administration in Ethiopia

Responsible land management improves livelihoods in Ethiopia

NIRAS has assisted the Ethiopian government with developing methods for rural land registration. The project has resulted in efficient and gender equal land registration, and its methods is now the formal procedure for registering rural land throughout the entire country.

People working with white working clothing on
Expansion of refrigeration plant in Morpol

Extensive experience ensured the successful expansion of a factory in Poland

Poland is the location of one of the world’s largest salmon processing factories. NIRAS played a key role in the 10,000-square-metre expansion of the factory.

The blue Copenhagen International School seen from the water
Copenhagen International School

A new international school in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district

Copenhagen’s largest school has moved to its own peninsula in Nordhavn with a façade made up of solar panels.

Complete cooling system for customer

Complete cooling system in a third of the time

Despite an extremely tight schedule, NIRAS succeeded in delivering a solid, state-of-the-art cooling system for a pharmaceutical factory.

Next generation

Pil Purup: Innovativ Ph.D. candidate with strong creative urges

In her time off, Pil Purup is an accomplished ballet dancer and a hard-hitting taekwondo fighter. At work, as a Ph.D. candidate at Aarhus University and an engineer at NIRAS, she gets fired up by indoor climate and energy consumption. But she never just focuses on those two things.

Consulting engineers

NIRAS is one of Scandinavia's leading consulting engineering companies.

NIRAS contributes to a large number of major societal challenges with a wide range of expertise that includes process plants, building, energy, environment, infrastructure, development consulting and urban planning.