Niels Holm Krarup: Number cruncher and civil engineer with a passion for building bridges

Niels dreams of building bridges. He has held a talk on bridge cable vibrations in front of large numbers of industry experts at a conference in Rome. As a NIRAS engineer, Niels gets to solve the complex calculations needed to create future buildings and structures.

Lisbet Rhiannon Hansen

Lisbet Rhiannon Hansen: Newly hatched consultant aiming for an international career

Lisbeth Rhiannon Hansen kick-started her international career by being one of the first to complete NIRAS Young Professional Academy, the two-year NIRAS talent programme. Today she works at NIRAS on development projects all over the world.

Peter Tofte Philipsen: The engineer who wants to go into the field

From Denmark to South Africa in a Volkswagen microbus and a newly acquired sports car - those are a couple of the dreams realised over the past year by Peter Tofte Philipsen. The 30-year-old engineer will never be “an office body”. He is a die-hard practician.

Pil Purup: Innovativ Ph.D. candidate with strong creative urges

In her time off, Pil Purup is an accomplished ballet dancer and a hard-hitting taekwondo fighter. At work, as a Ph.D. candidate at Aarhus University and an engineer at NIRAS, she gets fired up by indoor climate and energy consumption. But she never just focuses on those two things.

Young women looking outside a window

Emmie Johnson: Chartered surveyor goes an extra step for happy customers

Emmie Johnson works as project manager in Malmo with large construction projects for millions of dollars. She lives and breathes for those projects that may seem insurmountable, but end up being successful.

Emelie Öhlander: Climate consultant with the whole world as her workplace

Emelie Öhlander wants to make a difference, where it really matters. With a graduate degree in Climate Change, she works on projects all over the world, and thereby contributes to helping people at a level she would not have believed was possible in a consultancy company like NIRAS.