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NIRAS Sustain

Is your ambition is to be best in class, make informed decisions about value chains, plan a transition toward circular economy, increase brand value – or simply to do good? This tool will quantify your company’s environmental impact.

NIRAS Sustain is an advanced management and accounting system that can calculate a company's environmental impact throughout the value chain by comparing both past and current data. The system is based on easily accessible company data such as all data regarding purchases and expenses.

You can use NIRAS Sustain as an overall screening tool that provides the initial insight into and understanding of conditions, such as providing your company with a well-documented basis for identifying its environmental goals and formulating its sustainability strategies.

Over time, the level of detail can be expanded to include supplier data or similar to provide a monitoring tool that can measure a company's environmental and climate performance. NIRAS Sustain complies with CDP, the GHG Protocol and science-based goals.

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