Industrial production and packaging

Two men talking between pipes. Peter Viking PVH

We design and deliver complex process industry plant, including all utility and automations system as well as packaging and end-of-line solutions.

We design ventilation and utility systems to meet your specific requirements and present standards, and we ensure optimal interconnection with your existing supplies.

We design refrigeration systems that will ensure energy optimal temperature regulation of processes and plants.

When it comes to specific utilities like water (e.g. WFI and PW), steam, compressed air and nitrogen, we sure an efficient integration and focus on sustainable, energy efficient solutions.

At NIRAS, we listen to your needs all the way through the project. This ensures that utilities in your cleanroom are placed right where you need them. At the same time, we advise you on how the utilities are best located to provide the best working environment.

  • Process Engineering
  • Pipe-& Vessel Design
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial/Black Utilities
  • Energy optimisation
  • Design and optimisation of packaging plants
  • Process Automation