Water work at night with the lights on
Top modern waterworks in Esbjerg, western Jutland, with focus on water quality and working environment.

Client consultant on new waterworks

Top modern waterworks sets new standards

Working environment, clarity and drinking water safety are in focus at Esbjerg Waterworks. NIRAS was involved throughout the entire construction process of this top modern treatment plant.

Easy access to all technical facilities, a safe working environment and high hygiene requirements were among the key words when the utility company DIN Forsyning A/S planned a new waterworks in Esbjerg, one of the most western cities of Denmark.

NIRAS played a key role in the design of the waterworks, which was inaugurated in March 2017 by the Energy, Supply and Climate Minister, Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

Specialists from NIRAS were in charge of the planning of the project applying a state-of-the-art technology. For example concerning the location of the waterworks, and how the waterworks interacts with the other waterworks and well sites in the area. The utility company DIN Forsyning recovers a large volume of their ground water at Holsted, approx. 40 km east of Esbjerg, in two large pipelines leading the water to the city where it is distributed to the different waterworks.

High standards

Later in the project, NIRAS served as the client’s consultant from the early design idea and program covering the client's requirements and wishes for the waterworks, and subsequently the preparation of the actual tender procedure for the project with a capital sum of DKK 70 million.

The project focused on a number of priority areas such as supply and drinking water safety, quality and hygiene, work environment and flexibility in the building. Today, Esbjerg Waterworks is fully certified as a food business industry.

Among the client requirements were easy access to the inspection and monitoring of the technical systems without having to open up to the drinking water, which could be at risk of pollution.

The working environment also played a major role. For example, both the work environment, space conditions and servicing at the waterworks have been in focus in order to make sure that the employees have easy access all over the waterworks with the equipment needed. This part of the project has been carried out in close cooperation with the work environment organization of the utility DIN Forsyning.

A top modern facility

The result is a top modern waterworks with a working environment, where the interaction between the technical systems and the building is clear. It is easy to overlook in that you can easily follow the process, from the water comes into the process plant, and until it leaves the building as clean drinking water.

Today, Esbjerg Waterworks has a production capacity of 2 times 250m3 per hour and a stylish facility design. As the minister says: ‘A plant which invites the citizens into a world which was formerly very distant.’