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A brewery in Germany had to be moved to an industrial site outside the city.

The Greenfield Brewery - relocation from city centre to an industrial area

Experience and knowledge of the industry ensured an easy relocation of the historical brewery

A competitive tender and a structured approach meant that a complicated relocation of a brewery in city was achieved on schedule and on budget.

It was all about optimising production and logistics, when a major international brewing company decided to move their brewery from the city centre to an industrial site on the outskirts of the city.

The brewery had previously enlisted the services of NIRAS to assist with a similar project. Once again, optimised production was one of the most crucial criteria for success. The project also made major demands in terms of safety, environmental impact, energy consumption and reduced losses.

The biggest technical challenge was, to a considerable extent, to reuse equipment.

NIRAS's involvement in the project related to basic design. The brewery were responsible for project management, but NIRAS helped coordinate the design and were responsible for the brewery, process and packing facility. The NIRAS reporting system was used to ensure that the basic premises of the project were confirmed.

With the basic design in place, the task was to handle tenders, negotiations with the selected suppliers and engineering follow-up.

NIRAS's tender model and tender documents helped to ensure that suppliers lived up to requirements and specifications, thereby minimising the risk of changes at a late stage in the project process.

The biggest technical challenge was, to a considerable extent, to reuse equipment. The used equipment came from a closed-down brewery outside Germany and from the existing brewery. NIRAS's experience from similar projects helped the client assess when, and to what extent the equipment could be recycled.

During the tender process, NIRAS's methodological approach and standardised tender documents ensured that the project met both schedule and budget. One of the advantages of using NIRAS's expertise in brewery projects is that the consultants are either brewers or industry experts. For one thing, that means we speak the same language as the industry and understand our clients' needs.