NIRAS employees discussing a construction drawing
NIRAS assists in creating a modern high-efficiency brewery in South Africa.

Building expansion in South Africa

Effective expansion at a South African brewery

Production does not stand still for a second when NIRAS consults on a new brewery in South Africa.

South African Breweries is a busy business. So much that the company’s Rosslyn Brewery is being expanded again.

The brewery is located north of Johannesburg and was originally designed by Danish expertise. From the beginning the brewery was designed to be expanded in three main phases, and the current project is the last expansion in the original plan. In other words, it is following both the layout and the planning decades after it was conceived.

A challenging project 

It is no small feat to be in charge of the expansion. Rosslyn is a large brewery that produces beer 24 hours a day all year round. Large numbers of lorries and trains run to and from the brewery everyday with ingredients and products for distribution.

The project is a traditional process consultancy service, where a design is made for the tender documents that can be sent out to various potential suppliers. It is done so the client receives comparable quotes with as low prices as possible.

NIRAS assists in evaluating quotes and assesses whether the solutions proposed are complient with the tender specifications. 


NIRAS gives a recommendation and subsequently validates and coordinates the final details e.g . battery limits between process plant and the buildings.

One challenge is to work with a very tight schedule, leaving little time to requests for changes in the process.

Rosslyn is a large brewery that produces beer 24 hours a day all year round.

Efficient brewery with considerable savings

The result will be a modern and highly efficient brewery. The client gets the expansion they want on time, without the daily production suffering in connection with the project. The brewery also supports the client’s aspiration to drive positive change towards clean water, affordable and clean energy and decent work and economic growth - in alignment with #6, #7 and #8 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time the client saves large sums of money by being able to obtain comparative quotes.

Power up your competitive edge

NIRAS helps beer and beverage brand owners improve all areas of investments, project execution and production optimisation - read more. We also have experience in benchmarking breweries’ performance on SDG targets and developing road maps to achieve them.