radisson hotel from outside
What the Radisson Blu will look like after its expansion seen from Ørestaden’s Boulevard. Illustration. PLH Architects


Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel will be one of Denmark's largest

NIRAS is responsible for all engineering disciplines when Radisson Blu at Amager, Denmark, expands with 434 hotel apartments in a square, nine-story expansion with a green courtyard.

The iconic building the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel on Amager Boulevard in Copenhagen, which can be seen from the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, is to grow significantly, and as a sub-advisor to total advisor PLH Architects, NIRAS is responsible for all engineering disciplines. This means that many different NIRAS engineers are involved in the complex expansion.

The hotel currently has 544 rooms, but when the expansion is complete, the hotel will be one of Denmark's largest. The 434 new hotel apartments, each having its own kitchen, will be in a square, nine-story expansion of 25,000m2 with a green courtyard.

At the ground floor, the Norwegian owners Wenaasgruppen plan a lobby, café and shops with an open park area around the hotel. They also plan to include an integrated kinder garden with a playground that is publicly accessible after business hours.

The hotel will have a new main entrance at the connection between the existing building and the new building, and a 10,000m2 office building will also be built on the site.

An inviting building that complements the city
The vision for the new building is to create an inviting hotel with a transparent ground floor that complements  the city. The plan is to remove the hedge around the hotel, and the parking facility that surrounds the entire hotel today will be moved underground in a two-story basement, making the hotel and parking facilities open and accessible to the entire local area.

The site has a public park area where hundreds of trees are to be planted, and visitors get the opportunity to walk around the hotel through the green surroundings rather than on the sidewalk along the busy roads.

The architecture and material selection emphasize harmony and coherence with the surrounding construction. Size and height are also adapted to the existing office buildings in the area. The structure of the extension provides good lighting conditions for the hotel apartments and an attractive green courtyard in the middle. The new office building also matches the other office buildings on Amager Boulevard in style and expression.

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