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New production structure in Southeast Asia

Dynamic Masterplan provides future scenarios for Southeast Asian customer

NIRAS is responsible for the development of a dynamic master plan for industry enterprises. The model was used successfully to create future scenarios for the largest brewery in a Southeast Asian country.

It was all about strategic, long-term thinking, when the brewery was aiming at devising plans for the future and future investments.

The brewery produces a number of beers and is the only large-scale manufacturer in the country with two breweries, one at each end of the country, and a bottling department.

NIRAS was responsible for a dynamic master plan for production in the entire country. In essence the plan outlines how the brewery should develop in the long term, when it comes to growth opportunities, products, sales etc.

It was all done in an advanced computer model, Dynamic Masterplan, which was developed by NIRAS.

In specific terms, the project was about taking a look at the function of the two breweries in the next few years and what role they need to play in terms of supplying the whole of the country.

Initially it was about working on scenarios for future sales. Once that was in place, the looked at how production should be organised in order to cover sales as best as possible.

This involved everything from silos of rice and malt and the brewing process to the bottling department, storage facilities and distribution. For example, the country has very small beer lorries, so one point was to look at how the brewery could make their logistics work both inside and outside the brewery without huge traffic problems in the area.

The scenarios were linked to existing data and the need for investment in new equipment, machines and buildings. It was all done in an advanced computer model, Dynamic Masterplan, which was developed by NIRAS.

The model has no end date. It is dynamic and can be constantly updated with information and data: for example, if production equipment needs to be replaced or sales change. That means that the customer constantly has an up to date plan of possible scenarios. This is a particular advantage in this part of the world, where things can change quickly.

In other words, the database is ‘alive’, and it is easy for the customer to update the master plan. Easily manageable and reasonably priced.